“Our alien creators will return to Earth in 20 years” (Video)

Erich Von Däniken is the author of one of the most popular books on the planet (Chariots of the Gods) and indicates that aliens will return to Earth in the near future, more or less in about 20 years, as we are part of their DNA. Evidence of his return is present all around us, scattered around the world in ancient texts, monuments and civilizations.

Erich Von Däniken is, let’s say, one of the first people to spread the hypothesis of ancient astronauts, and that the Earth could have been visited by extraterrestrials, mistaken for gods in Humanity’s past. His work has been translated into over 32 languages.

During the “Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night”, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of one of his bestselling books, Erich used a series of images, video clips, computer animations and other crucial evidence to support his claims that thousands of years ago, Before written history, Earth was visited by beings from space.

Now, he says, our “creators” will return, as humanity is almost ready to finally meet them.

“Aliens know about us because we are part of their DNA. The Bible speaks of the daughters of men having intimate encounters with these visitors, and many myths and legends around the world repeat the same story.

“These stories always say that aliens will come back to us”

Erich Von Daniken claims that in the distant past, extraterrestrial beings played an extremely important role in the development of modern civilization. According to the author, there are myths, legends and ancient texts all over the world that are clear indicators of the role the gods played in the development of humanity.

All these stories and tales repeat the same result: one day, aliens will return to Earth.

«From a safe hiding place, the inhabitants of the planet watch our space travelers, who wear strange hats with spikes on their heads (helmets with antennae); or marvel when the night becomes bright as day (reflectors).”

“They are terrified when strangers effortlessly climb into the air (propellers); they bury their heads back into the ground as strange unknown ‘animals’ soar into the air, buzzing, buzzing and whistling (helicopters, quads).

“And finally they take refuge in the safety of their caves when a terrible sound echoes in the mountains (a test explosion).”

“Without a doubt, our astronauts must seem almighty gods to these primitive peoples  ,” says Erich von Daniken.

“I think we are currently under observation. This is based on conversations with very smart people, who have been officially informed that UFOs are a reality and we are being watched  ,” the author added.

During the presentation, where Erich received the Stella Citizen award from Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, director of TV Ancient Aliens, the author said that ancient texts such as the Christian Bible, religious texts from India and others refer to heaven, which according to him is nothing more is than a reference to outer space.

Von Daniken claims that the so-called angels are extraterrestrial visitors who came from other parts of the cosmos.

Now, after thousands of years since visitors first touched Earth, we are approaching the time when society is ready to “meet” aliens.

Furthermore, extraterrestrial contact has become something that millions of people around the world are already looking forward to.

Our scientific achievements, the social acceptance derived from the continuous “bombing” of Hollywood movies and series about extraterrestrial life in the universe allowed us to be prepared – like a race – to finally meet alien civilizations without causing social unrest. Right? do you think the same?

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