Ex-CIA Agent Talks About Area 51 And SCARY Aliens!

Within the world of ufology, it is common that there are certain conspiracy theories that allude to some secrets about UFOs and aliens in the highest spheres of power. One of the best known is the one that claims that the United States has a top secret base called Area 51 where it would have captured spaceships and bodies of aliens. Although this sounds a lot like science fiction, there are many who believe that the aforementioned site really exists, that it has military purposes and that not even the presidents of that country are aware of what is happening there. At least that’s what researcher Richard Dolan thinks, who interviewed a former CIA agent, who claims to have visited that mysterious area.

Said recorded conversation took place in the context that your interviewee is 77 years old and suffering from a terminal illness that is destroying his kidneys. So, and to get rid of a weight, he decided to speak for the first time about his experience when President Eisenhower asked him to go to Area 51 and tell him everything he saw there.

The former agent, who did not want to reveal his real name, commented, among other things, that when he was finally allowed to enter said base, together with a colleague from his institution, he saw flying saucers and the bodies of his possible crew members. that didn’t look human. Furthermore, he pointed out that an alien was alive and that, in fact, he talked to his partner.

While it is not possible to verify the authenticity of their statements, it should be noted that the United States National Security Archive recently released a report acknowledging the existence of Area 51, although at the time it was ruled out that it was for the purposes that the UFO followers thought, rather, as a testing ground for state-of-the-art warplanes

The interview, which we have attached below, was released by Richard Dolan during his presentation at a UFO congress held in 2013 in Washington.

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