Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal ‘Noah’s Ark Was a Pyramid’

According to a new tech scan of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah’s Ark has been revealed to be shaped like a pyramid.

Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal Noah's Ark Was a Pyramid

More than 50 years ago, a shepherd made the discovery of 7 scrolls inside the  Qumran Caves  , in the Judean desert in the West Bank. This discovery formed  the largest manuscript  ever found in the area. Being known as the  Dead Sea Scrolls  due to its proximity to the lake.

Although they have generated many controversies, none compare to the newly discovered; Noah’s  Ark  was shaped like a pyramid.

Noah’s Ark was a pyramid according to the Dead Sea Scrolls

The writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls contain  biblical and other stories  that are not in the holy scriptures. These offer scholars a different view of the past and shed a different light on the  Abrahamic religions  .

The latest of these findings came after experts  scanned  a piece of the Dead Sea Scrolls, using different wavelengths and light with a resolution  28 times greater  than standard scans. Thus, it was revealed that Noah’s Ark was shaped like a  pyramid  .

Scientists were unable to read a word following the Hebrew phrase “the height of the ark” within the scrolls. However, thanks to high technology, they discovered that the word found is “ne’esefet”.

Was he Egyptian?

Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal Noah's Ark Was a Pyramid

The Hebrew to English translation of ne’esefet means “gathered”, which Dr. Alexe  and  Yuditsky  of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem say it means that the “ribs” of the ark  came together at the top  to form a sort of pyramid. Furthermore, he is convinced that the finding is supported by previous findings.

Yuditsky claimed that the Septuagint, which is a Greek translation of the  Bible  dating from the 3rd century BC, also describes the  Pyramid-shaped ark  . While medieval authors like  Maimonides  also wrote the same thing.

This discovery led to the belief that Noah, who managed to escape from  ancient Egypt  , was actually a  pharaoh  . This is because the pyramids were a sign of high standing in the Egyptian empire at the time.

This theory could completely change history as we know it and give the pyramids even more important meaning. At the moment, more studies are expected for the Dead Sea Scrolls and confirm the truth.

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