Could aliens destroy humanity to protect other civilizations?

Some scientists have suggested the possibility that some aliens, or extraterrestrial beings, could destroy humanity to protect other civilizations.

Advanced Extraterrestrials: Destroying Humanity to Protect Other Civilizations?

We could be destroyed as a preventive measure.

For years, Earth has suffered from greenhouse gas emissions and large-scale contamination. This can cause extraterrestrial civilizations to destroy us to prevent and preserve other civilizations.

This theory is based on the analysis that more advanced civilizations may be taking place on the planet. Observing the continuous changes in the atmosphere as a result of the disorderly growth of humanity.

Danger from extraterrestrial civilizations?

It is possible that extraterrestrial civilizations consider us a serious threat, particularly in relation to subsistence and preservation for other reasons. As a consequence, they could take drastic measures against humanity.

Thus, a study by NASA-affiliated scientists from Pennsylvania State University became known. For them, this scenario is perfectly viable after the first contact.

Obviously, this theory also brings with it a series of suggestions, so that humanity can prepare for such contact. One that, believe me, may be very close to happening.

The studio is in charge of Shawn Domagal-Goldman, a member of NASA’s Planetary Science Division and his colleagues. El mismo is entitled “Would we have extraterrestrial benefits or would they harm humanity?”.

Extraterrestrial contact can be divided into 3 categories: beneficial, neutral and harmful.

The beneficial contacts for humanity would be the intercepts of extraterrestrial transmissions. Contacts with motives that cooperate with the advancement of humanity and the resolution of our problems. Another beneficial contact could be victory over a hostile race.

In this scenario, victory on the ground would be a moral boost as a civilization. Reverse engineering could also be applied to your technology.

Neutral contact would be one with which we could not communicate. Be indifferent to humans. To some civilization that is left stranded on Earth by accident.

Harmful ones, on the other hand, would be those that pose a danger to humanity, whether accidental or intentional.

These tended as a mission to attack or enslave us. Even those who accidentally betray a disease unknown to humanity, which can be lethal, are included.

Advanced Extraterrestrials: Destroying Humanity to Protect Other Civilizations?

To prevent extraterrestrials from attacking us, we must stop the contamination.

Measures to save us

The studio shows the possibilities of guaranteeing the survival of humanity or strengthening it. We recommend taking precautions against signals sent into space, especially those that contain compromising information on human biology.

With this information they could design weapons to attack us. Before any kind of extraterrestrial contact, just tap on specific topics until you know their intentions.

Likewise, these alien civilizations would be wary of rapidly expanding civilizations. These can be prone to the destruction of other planets.

This is due to the fact that humanity has caused the extinction of other terrestrial species. For what would be the ideal scenario for other civilizations to destroy humanity.

“A preemptive strike would be particularly likely in the early stages of our expansion. A civilization can be increasingly difficult to destroy as it continues to expand.

Humanity could now be entering the period when an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization could detect its rapid civilizational expansion. Ya that our expansion is changing the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere, through the emissions of greenhouse gases».

For authors, the following is very important:

“These scenarios give us reasons to limit our growth and reduce our impact on global ecosystems. It would be particularly important for us to limit our greenhouse gas emissions, as atmospheric composition can be observed from other planets.”

Even if it is never possible to contact extraterrestrial life, this study signals that it is intended to take into account the likely scenarios that collaborate in the future development of humanity. Avoid catastrophe, planet collapse and wide range of survival.

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