See the Best Alien Evidence Ever Published

Remarkable images revealing several alien UFOs have been hailed as the best evidence of extraterrestrial visits to the land.

The images, taken by a team of Navy submarines aboard the USS Trepang, are intended to show various alien vehicles entering and leaving the ocean.

UFO researcher Alex Mastretta claims the images were originally sent to him by an anonymous source in Europe.

Leaked documents indicate that the USS Trepang found the objects by accident during a routine joint military and scientific expedition between Iceland and Jan Mayen Island.

According to the United States, the USS Trepang naval archive was operating in that area at the time the photos were taken and many researchers have claimed this proves the leaked images are authentic.

Many UFO researchers believe that alien bases do indeed exist beneath Earth’s oceans. It seems logical to assume, therefore, that an advanced alien species could be carrying out covert operations in deep undersea facilities at various locations around the world.

In recent years, several reports of military UFO encounters and vehicle recoveries have leaked into the public domain. These leaked reports range from alien craft being targeted by advanced weapons systems, the recovery of crashed or downed alien vehicles, some of which are estimated to be thousands of years old, and the possible recovery or capture of hundreds of alien lifeforms.

If any of these reports are true, it’s even more evidence that an advanced alien species is not only visiting our planet, but also using Earth’s oceans for covert operations.

Since at least 1896, when there was a huge wave of “ghost planes” sightings in the US, a cigar-shaped aircraft or aircraft has been reported. The new photographs have UFO researchers scratching their heads and wondering if the images confirm their belief that an alien base exists in the arctic regions.

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