NASA cuts live broadcast as 2 UFOs approach ISS

NASA controllers and astronauts talk about the UFOs they witness and then the space agency suddenly cuts the transmission.

Throughout history, the ISS has been shrouded in mystery, but this is normal as astronauts who have made the station their home for a period of time can witness many unexplained phenomena.

There are many sightings and anomalies that we dealt with in the Ufo-Spain Magazine, trying to find out what they are and why they occur so close to the ISS.

There is a recording that we managed to get these days of something unusual that happened on the ISS, but this time there is no sighting. Most disturbing is the conversation between the astronauts and NASA control.

This footage not only proves that NASA astronauts  encounter  UFOs at every turn, it also shows how NASA controls narrative during space missions.

Astronauts typically follow a script and know exactly what to say and when. However, these astronauts were very surprised by something they had never seen before.

After what they were witnessing, they forget for a moment their “storylines” and start an unplanned conversation. At that exact moment when a NASA controller tries to “save the situation”, he cuts off the live stream.

Two objects, two  UFOs  that pass by at considerable speed but somehow stop moving as they approach the ISS. This is the conversation between astronauts and NASA Houston control, pay attention:

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