Sumerians: «The Forbidden History and the End of Humanity» (Video)

There are many stories about the ancient Sumerians; their advanced civilization, their prediction about the end of time and, most importantly, their belief in the mysterious planet Nibiru.

The Sumerians: Forbidden History and the End of Humanity

The Sumerians were one of  the most important civilizations  that inhabited the planet. Fortunately for mankind, records have been found that speak of its wonderful existence, which took place in the year 4,500 BC. C., settling in northern  Mesopotamia  .

Sumerians and occult history

Discoveries and surviving evidence to this day are scarce, which is why  Sumerian tablets  are the most important relic of this civilization. These writings reveal  important information  , such as his language and the lifestyle he had.

But in addition to what traditional archeology has said about this  ancient civilization  , there are many aspects that we still have to discover and that only traces of a hidden history have been found.

Despite the controversy Zecharia Sitchin ‘s writings   have caused for his Sumerian theory, much of his conclusion is in the tablets. For example, the possible  cataclysm of a massive planet  they knew as Nibiru.

According to Sumerian beliefs, Nibiru was a  colossal “unknown” planet  that, little by little, was leaving mythology to become something more official. This is because it can be found  within the Solar System.

Ancient texts mention other planets, but the tenth  was the most feared  at the time. This world would be the scene of a  cataclysm  on Earth in the future.

The  advanced knowledge  in astronomy and mathematics that the Sumerians had made Sitchin understand that this planet was real.
The Sumerians: Forbidden History and the End of Humanity

The end of the world caused by Nibiru

The official version of current science has never confirmed the existence of a planet with the characteristics of  Nibiru  . However, many astronomers have declared the existence of  Planet X.

The Sumerians knew very well the existence of this planet, as they lived through the consequences that it generates on Earth  3,600 years ago  . Time, which may be close to arriving with the new past on this planet.

These events were recorded in writings that discovered major catastrophes. This documentation supports the existence of the massive planet and how it passes  very close to our own. In fact, one of the consequences of their interaction is believed to have been the  great universal flood  .

Now, most scholars and theorists who are not governed by the traditional stream of history not only know of Nibiru’s existence, but also assert that the end of the world will be brought about by it.

Even  the Vatican pursues  the existence of a “mystery planet” with hidden telescopes. All this, perhaps, so that humanity does not live in a society in fear of the end of time.

Although Nibiru remains a controversial topic, more and more people are doubting the traditional stream of history and what the mainstream media would have us believe, moving closer to the alternate part of reality. So is it possible that the cataclysm of this massive planet is yet to come?

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