50-year-old ‘Best UFO Photograph Ever Taken’ Goes Viral

The photo was taken by Sergio Loaiza in 1971, when he was flying over Costa Rica on a land survey mission for the construction of a hydroelectric project.

A 50-year-old photograph is making waves on the internet after it claims it shows an unidentified flying object (UFO). Posted by various media outlets and widely shared on Twitter, the black and white photo shows a saucer-like object over Costa Rica.

Users say this is the best photograph of a UFO (believed to be used by aliens) ever taken. It was clicked by aerial photographer Sergio Loaiza in September 1971, while flying over Costa Rica on a land survey mission for the construction of a hydroelectric project, according to a report in the Daily Star.

The project was planned close to the Arenal Volcano, in the South American country.

Loaiza took several high resolution photos from an altitude of 10,000 feet of the lake below and the surrounding forest at 20 second intervals using his 100lb automated camera.

In one frame, a shiny metallic disk is seen flying between Loaiza’s Aero Commander F680 aircraft and the ground. The photo wasn’t very clear initially, but claims about UFOs only started to swirl when it was improved upon later.

This photo was owned by National Geographic Costa Rica, which had commissioned the survey to study the potential impact of the hydroelectric project on surrounding lands and waters.

It has now been launched by Esteban Carranza, a citizen of Costa Rica (Twitter handle @UAP_CR). Mr. Carranza has the “contact” copy of the original negative present in the National Archives of Costa Rica. He acquired it from his uncle, who obtained the copy from the National Geographic Institute.

“I did this high-resolution scan last year, met with people from the National Geographic Institute, and tracked down the technician responsible for the camera in 1971. But there’s no reason for the image to stay on my desktop. Outreach is a team effort and everyone should have that image,” Carranza said on Twitter.

UAP Media, which used the image, said it has never been successfully debunked until today.

“Over the years, the image has been analyzed by various experts, such as Costa Rican UFO researcher Ricardo Vílchez, Dr. Richard Haines and Dr. Jacques Vallee. All concluded that the object in the photograph looked real and was NOT the result of double exposure or deliberate fabrication,” UAP Media said on its website.

Comments The object in the photo is estimated to be between 120-220 feet in diameter.

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