100% Proof of Life: Alien Figure Spotted Watching the Mars Rover!

NASA has been exploring Mars with rovers for years, and recently its Perseverance rover may have photographed something very interesting.

According to UFO expert Scott Waring, photos of Mars that the space agency released last April show an “alien” that he describes as “100% proof of intelligent life.”

Waring posted the photos on his website, UFO Sightings Daily, and says they show a small being with a pink body, lying on a rock. He explains: “There is a person lying down watching the NASA rover on Mars from a safe distance.

The person is about 30 centimeters tall, and lying down, chest, neck and face pink, hair radish, wearing a dark suit, but has a gray object over one shoulder, looks like a backpack of some sort.” He goes on to say, “There are even footprints behind the person leading to the spot where they chose to lie down.”

Daily UFO Sightings Of course, it could also be nothing. The image comes from a much larger panorama that was created from raw images released from Mars.

By zooming in on a photo, as was done to capture this “alien,” a person can turn inanimate objects into something they are not.

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The following image taken by the Curiosity rover of what appears to be a very unusual visitor or tracker following the rover on Mars is one of the latest discoveries ever made on Mars.

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