‘Temporal anomaly’ is captured in Las Vegas by an investigator

Joshua P. Warren, writer, researcher and presenter of “A&E Psychic Cruise,” said he found a location north of Las Vegas, a mysterious temporal anomaly where time slows down.

Las Vegas-based KVVU-TV reported that Warren made the discovery of the time anomaly thanks to a device called the DT Meter , or differential time velocity mater. Device created by a Silicon Valley engineer named Ron Heath.

The device sends a signal down a wire and measures the time it takes to reach the other end. Theoretically, the device can detect small disturbances or discrepancies with the speed of time.

temporary anomaly

Warren assured that, thanks to this device, he was able to detect a point where time slows down . It is almost imperceptible to human consciousness , but enough for the device to detect it.

The first measurement was taken on June 18, 2018 . The time decreased by 20 microseconds. The mystery of the case was that it was made with this new technology.

It is assumed that the signal always travels at the same time rate at any specific location. The only way to change is if a black hole approaches Earth or something similar. Something that should never happen.

The most likely explanation is that the meter was not working properly. However, Warren maintains his assessment of this temporal anomaly, especially given its proximity to locations such as Area 51 or Bigelow Aerospace .

Temporary portal or unknown technology?

“I think it’s really interesting when you consider that the location where we got this reading, showing this weather anomaly, is also one of the most popular UFO spots in the area.”

This is reason enough to ask what is causing this time warp . If it’s some natural portal that gives entrance to another world or reality…

Or if, on the contrary, it is the product of some unknown technology, secretly created by man or of extraterrestrial origin .

The idea of ​​a temporal anomaly is extremely interesting to Warren, as there are known areas on Earth where gravity behaves differently .

Is it really possible that a true “temporary anomaly”, the product of some small wormhole, has been located? Could this be what is causing so many paranormal incidents in the Las Vegas desert?

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