Mysterious Alien Creature Captured on Trail Camera in Australia

A small humanoid entity that appears to be looking out of the shadows was captured by a motion-activated trail camera.

An outdoor wildlife camera with night vision recorded the footage on October 21 in Sydney, Australia and was recently referred to YouTuber MrMBB333 for investigation.

A small humanoid creature with two eyes that glow in the night and a head that swivels from side to side is seen in the lower left corner of the image.

The camera’s motion sensor appears to have been triggered by this movement.

“I had the chance to live on a few farms around Queensland and NSW and I can say with certainty that there are some unrecognizable creatures lurking out there. Every date I’ve had was at night which makes sense purely from a self-preservation perspective. Aliens, Goblins or bipedal mutants… Who knows?” wrote one commenter.

In fact, the mysterious creature resembles an alien, but as the capture was carried out at night, it is difficult to see the details.

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