Secret PENTAGON Groups are Manipulating the “TIME SPACE FABRIC”

One of the biggest news in 21st century UFO research was the revelation that the Pentagon recently funded investigations into anomalous aerial phenomena to the tune of $22 million a year.

Claims about the US government’s involvement in UFO research are not new to the UFO community and groups: the purpose of the publicly acknowledged program and allegedly declassified videos of military vehicles tracking strange and incredibly agile objects in the sky have created some issues among the people, regarding the government’s knowledge of unidentified aerial phenomena and the consequent declaration-admissibility of NON-HUMAN aircraft or rather, of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

However, the interest of the Pentagon and the US government is not restricted to aerial phenomena. A new coffin of documents obtained by KLAS-TV in Las Vegas appears to reveal that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has conducted extensive research into science, addressing phenomena usually discussed only in paranormal environments.

The report, titled “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and Manipulation of Extra Dimensions,” appears to indicate that the defense industry may have a keen interest in the mystery surrounding our physical reality. Insiders are convinced that secret and operational groups within the Pentagon are manipulating the  “Space-Time Fabric” , opening space-time gates or portals (STARGATE). This would happen in some of the top-secret bunkers found in the United States.

A new report appears to suggest that DIA’s interest in these exploration-focused themes could lead to experiments in which one can delve into the farthest corners of interstellar space. The idea that sufficiently advanced technology can interact with and gain direct control over the higher dimensions is a tempting possibility and certainly worthy of further investigation that is sure to take place at the Pentagon.

Control of this higher dimensional space could be a source of technological control over dark energy density and could ultimately play a role in the development of exotic manufacturing technologies; specifically, a warp drive (warp spacecraft).

It is not known exactly why DIA is interested in space travel. Ultimately the report does not reveal any secret “hidden” economic equilibrium research projects on space-time warping technologies, but it does suggest that the military-industrial complex is plagued by numerous current developments in quantum physics
: could not be realized for many years, but we must consider the many spectacular physical phenomena that are believed to be true in this 21st century.

It is also believed that the universe cannot just consist of the three spatial dimensions of length, width and time, but in reality there may be as many as seven or more additional dimensions as an extended chain entity. ”

In science fiction it is often the military who unwittingly open a dimensional rift in an attempt to travel to a distant star system – does this report suggest such an incident could occur in the near future? While it may sound fantastic, the report ends with the feeling that “it seems very likely that the creative minds of the future will find ways to achieve what to us may seem magical.” By Massimo Fratini

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