“Hellish sounds in the sky” are being heard around the world (Video)

In recent years, thousands of people from different countries have witnessed an inexplicable sound phenomenon. Loud sounds of unknown origin are heard “from heaven” all over the world

Strange sounds from the sky are compared to a roar, a hum, a creak of metal, the roar of a jet engine, a high-speed train, giant loudspeakers, from which the sky “seems to roar”.

Many people in different parts of the world have recorded unusual very low sounds since the summer of 2011. Many people call them «  The Hum  », or the “Sound of the Apocalypse”.

Take a look at this photo before you hear the new sounds detected around the world… Are they visitors from other worlds?… Strange sounds in the sky and underground forces are somehow connected to these continuous hums.

Since March 2020, many strange events in the world that have occupied the minds of conspiracy theorists have somehow faded into the background because people were constantly tormented by the idea of ​​something else.

However, these strange, sometimes terrifying sounds from the sky not only increased in frequency, but also entered a whole new tonal scale.

As it turned out, during the pandemic, a lot has changed in these sounds: the frequency of observations has increased, the very nature of tones has changed.

Therefore, some of the new sounds resemble the sounds of supposed alien ships entering our atmosphere, even opening  dimensional portals  .

Next, we will hear some of those terrifying sounds that worry the population about what may be happening in their neighborhood, “or what may be entering our planet”.

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