Former NASA Employee Talks About Living Things On Neptune and More NASA Coverups (VIDEO)

NASA knows how to keep secrets. Everyone, even the cleaners and cooks, sign confidentiality papers when they get a job there. So everything related to NASA always has a hint of mysticism and fantasy.In a lengthy Norman Bergrun radio interview an 89-year-old former NASA employee spoke about the many alien civilizations in space. But the most interesting thing is that Norman talked about a distant planet –  Neptune .

According to him on this planet the ice cover is about 2.5 to 3 kilometers and there is liquid water under it just with a different chemical composition. Recently, the NASA spacecraft recorded for the first time geysers slamming into the bowels of the planet. It is also a proven fact that from time to time volcanic eruptions occur on Neptune.
Let’s deviate from the former NASA employee’s words and imagine this image. There is ice around but as soon as we go a few kilometers we find ourselves in liquid.

TEMPERATURE: The temperature of the Neptunian atmosphere varies with altitude. At an altitude whose pressure is equivalent to 0.1 bar, the temperature reaches a minimum of 50 K (-223 °C) and rises as the pressure decreases, that is, as the altitude increases, reaching up to 327 °C at a pressure of hundreds of billionths of a bar which is equivalent to an altitude of 2 200 kilometers above the reference level of 1 bar. Below the pressure level of 0.1 bar the temperature increases as the pressure increases. At the reference level of 1 bar the average temperature is 74 K (-199.15 °C) (wikipedia)
Considering that in the center of the planet the temperature reaches + 7100 degrees it can be assumed that in the depths the temperature of the water is comfortable enough for life to arise there.

Norman Bergrun claimed that there is life on Neptune. And even quite developed. These are multicellular aquatic organisms that vaguely resemble dolphins. Civilization on the planet is not technological. Quite biological, but with other principles of respiration and other chemical processes.
According to the American, in 1978 NASA had an entire department of contactees that contacted representatives of other civilizations. One of them was the inhabitants of Neptune. It is true that there was no communication as such. Representatives of the aquatic habitat had no speech to communicate and their extrasensory abilities are far inferior even to humans.

However the contactees traveled to the oceans of Neptune and saw various creatures. Most of them are completely misshapen.

However the civilization of dolphin-like organisms has a certain skeleton, fins and many tentacles. In addition to them, analogues of our jellyfish are common in the ocean of the planet only of enormous size and with a reddish formation in the middle.
If you believe the contactees then on Neptune there are living creatures completely unknown to our classification.

Norman Bergrun

Due to the fact that development on Neptune took place according to a completely different scenario than on Earth, the nature of the planet remained untouched. There is no man-made pollution there.
Norman Bergrun said NASA seriously wants to drill through Neptune’s ice sheet and lower the device into the ocean. This operation was planned for 2046, but the time frame can be adjusted. So maybe in our lifetime we will see the mysterious inhabitants of another planet.
Watch the video below subtitled in Portuguese where Former NASA Employee, scientist Norman Bergrun talks about  more  NASA  COVERS .

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