The day NASA “received an alleged SOS signal from Andromeda”

Has humanity received an extraterrestrial SOS signal? According to unqualified UK documents, in 1998 we received a distress call from outer space…

Alien SOS signal? The message that "NASA hid"

Space federations around the world, on more than one occasion,  have denied  receiving any “call” from space. Much less, an alien SOS signal.

However, the UK Ministry of Defense has disqualified a number of files related to  UFOs and Extraterrestrials  , where there is information about alien signals that NASA withheld from the public.

possible alien sign

Inside the archives, there is an article from the English newspaper  Weekly World News  from the year 1998. That’s where it is explained that in that same year,  NASA  captured and decoded an extraterrestrial SOS signal.

According to the text, experts from the US space agency claimed to have intercepted  a distress call  from a distant point in the  galaxy  .

The message must have been from an  extraterrestrial civilization  that was on the brink of  extinction  thousands of years ago.

However, it was in that year that radio astronomers and experts got the key to understanding the complicated   math-based language . Thus, they were able to  translate  the extraterrestrial SOS signal.

This information was obtained thanks to a  high-ranking  NASA source in Houston, said Russian space scientist  Viktor Kulakov  . Who was the leader of the United Nations investigation team at an observatory that operated near Moscow.

According to the analysis, it is possible that the signal came from the  constellation Andromeda  . Furthermore, its approximate age was  80,000 years.

According to experts, those responsible for sending the call for help were from a civilization  developed enough  to send a message over such distances.

“The mere fact that we received and decoded the message proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the knowledge and technology of that civilization was better than what we have on our planet today.”

Alien SOS signal? The message that "NASA hid"

“Civilization sent the message when it was approaching extinction.”

“The End of a Civilization”

Kulakov mentioned that despite the years of evolution they have, it is most likely that their extinction was caused  by themselves  . Perhaps, by  nuclear weapons  .

While nothing was revealed about what the extraterrestrial SOS signal actually said, Kulakov did mention that there was a hint of “guilt” in the message.

They mentioned their exact location details and how desperate they were for help.

The apocalyptic process they underwent  was also mentioned , which included explosions, large-scale deaths, unknown fatal diseases  , among other events.

Experts say that despite having the ability to make  interplanetary travel  , they were already able to send a message so far away that it is more likely that these craft could only accommodate a  limited number of people  .

In fact, the sign spoke of being “stuck” within a world in decline.

Interestingly, after this article was published, Viktor Kulakov  disappeared  . No more was heard from him or his group of scientists.

A massive campaign to smear his work was also spawned, calling him a conspiracy theorist.

Of course, there is still a lot of skepticism about this article declassified by the UK. Is it possible that an extraterrestrial SOS signal was actually received and hidden?

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