Stan Romanek: Meet the most well-documented and impressive case of extraterrestrial contact in history

When it comes to different and controversial content, Netflix has always had a high profile.
Among the latest mentions in the international media we can mention the infamous
’13 Reasons Why’    in which the streaming service was heavily criticized, going so far as to say that it would be a certain apology for the suicide.However, it seems that the company is not very connected to public opinion and in July of this year it added a very controversial and little acclaimed documentary among its videos.
Titled ‘
Extraordinary: Stan Romanek Story’    , the latest broadcast controversy details what would be one of the best-documented cases of extraterrestrial contact in the last 20 years.
Starring the main character, the 2013 feature film, with just over 100 minutes, tells the version of Stan, his wife and their friends for all the events that have been recorded since the year 2000, including kidnappings, procreation of hybrid beings and until footage.

of ‘aliens’ in their own home, in addition to equations of extreme difficulty already known in the ufological environment and also impressive records of aliens in their own home.
In total there are 195 “complete” tests that a simple man from Colorado, USA, as he

describes himself, would have been a species chosen to have contact with beings from another planet and also to reproduce what would be hybrid species with extraterrestrials. .
As stated above, Stan’s case started in the 2000s, when he met his wife Lisa on the internet (she lived in Nebraska) and due to the lack of technology at the time, he wanted to record a video to convince her to go visit his city.

Trying to film the place as a whole, young Stan comes across a

movement on the side of the road that piques his curiosity and makes him stop.
Such disturbance was due to a possible UFO flying over some power poles and, according to Stan, they left as soon as they realized it was there.

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After this episode, Stan reports that he couldn’t believe it was real, even his wife had access to the footage and had to convince her then-boyfriend that it really had happened.

Shortly after the ‘events’ started happening with Stan – IN PUBLIC.
One of the stories in the movie would be the miraculous healing of Stan’s knee.

He had torn one of the ligament tendons when he fell while trying to clean the gutter of the house and he was wearing a cast and a kind of cage so as not to make the situation worse until the surgery, which would guarantee the return of his movements, when one morning, Stan finished wake up healed, with only 5 holes in the back of the leg.

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According to Stan, he doesn’t remember anything that happened that night, he just woke up with his wife, Lisa called him to see a circle that formed in the garden of his house.
A short time later, they found the plaster and the ‘cage’ fallen and burned a few meters from the house.

According to the ‘goal’ of fourth and fifth degree contacts, he would have been kidnapped several

times by beings he doesn’t know and doesn’t remember in good conscience.
To try to unravel the mysteries that surrounded him, he began to attend regression sessions to find out what happened between sleeping in bed and waking up in another corner of the house that he couldn’t register.

One of the most striking facts among the records made in the sessions were the equations that Stan managed to write.

As reported, such equations are unique and even refer to possible numbers of how many civilizations there are in galaxies, as well as the principles of producing a chemical element that was only discovered years later as a source of a clean, renewable fuel.

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The strangest cases between sessions are the reports of children who would be Stan’s children with aliens.

The hybrid beings even got in touch with him by PHONE… Reports still show that the children always appeared in the middle of the family photos that Stan recorded.

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According to the documentary, the children intercepted phone calls, between these conversations Stan’s ‘daughter’ introduces herself as ‘Kioma’ with a thin and metallic voice, saying that she has 8 more brothers, being her and 6 more similar (from the same father, possibly Stan) and two different ones and, interestingly, he names them to know who they are.

While on the phone, he began receiving messages on his answering machine from a British woman calling him a
‘starseed’   , possibly alluding to his intergalactic procreation.
The voice of one of his daughters would sound metallic, with an almost incomprehensible accent and even tells Stan that both the girl and her ‘father’ are in danger and that even if the man tried to save them he wouldn’t know.
However, the

‘daughter’ still assures her that she will visit him in person at a conference Stan was to give over the weekend, which he was very excited about, but which he should be careful of as there are people on earth who don’t want to.
him to report his cases.

Coincidentally, at the end of this lecture, Stan is surrounded by a group of NINE kids who deliver flowers to him.
Curious, he looked for photos of the day and ended up finding the one who would be his ‘daughter’ in the middle of the public.

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Among the events Stan documented were images of strange lights and shadows around his house.

The photos would be of beings that in the UFO environment are known as ‘shadow people’ that would be extraterrestrials that can travel between time and space and dissolve their humanoid forms or not, in the shadows, in the smoke.

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Just like the images captured from a security camera installed by him outside his house, where a light coming from above ends up reaching the ground and also part of the house where the camera is located, causing it to stop to work a few seconds later. .

The strangest thing is that the next morning, a group of contractors come to his house to replace the wall covering hit by that light, which Stan says was not requested by him or the owner of the house.
Stan also said that the company that was on the truck’s tag simply doesn’t exist and that it can’t remove any material (but it did so surreptitiously and says the test results are impressive).

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As impressive as the case of ‘
selfies’   sounds extraterrestrial.
The documentary shows Stan reporting that one of his cameras used to record the experiments disappeared for a few hours and only reappeared on the living room floor.
A few days later it was the turn of a camera of her daughters to disappear, however, it had been missing for almost a week, when it was found lying around the house.
Seeing what the records contained, Stan came across images that were supposed to be ‘selfies’ of extraterrestrial beings apparently interested in the device.
The most impressive thing for the ufologist was the curious expression of the aliens and the gleam in their eyes.

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Another album that caught the world’s attention was the so-called ‘Boo Video’ where what would be an alien surreptitiously watching from the window, something inside Stan’s house.
The video attracted the most attention from the international press in 2003. Many tried to demystify the footage, as did others who claim to have been the author of the video.
But Stan’s version even makes a little bit of sense when you hear it.
According to him, a few months ago someone was trying to look inside his house through the window.
He thought he was a pervert or something as he has two stepdaughters and even warned his neighbors of the possible ‘danger’ when one of them suggested that Stan put his night vision camera in front of the window and try to film the person. .
But a short time later, in 2005, Stan obtained what would be the biggest evidence of extraterrestrial life of all his documents.
He says that one of his cousins ​​was at his house with some friends and, in order not to disturb the boys, he ended up moving and sleeping in another corner of the house with his wife.

However, at 3am Stan woke up to the noises and went to the kitchen to see what it was (guessed one of the young men was doing a dare or something), grabbed his camera and started looking for the source of the noise.
, when rays of light appeared and, as he turned to the glass door of his kitchen, registered what would be an alien bent over and looking at him.
In documentary testimony, Stan still says that he passed out shortly afterwards and woke up almost an hour later, on the kitchen floor.

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The most impressive thing about all the reports Stan releases is that there was exactly no documentation.
He says that in 2011, at approximately 2:30 am, a loud knock was heard on the front door.
When Stan woke up to see what it was (he thought they were thieves), the ufologist saw that his sister had already opened the door and was in a trance.
Realizing that the 3 visitors were aliens, Stan tried to run, but the woman who was part of the ‘group’ grabbed him by the wrist and reassured him in the thought that everything would be fine.
He also reports that after being carried out of the house by the beings, he even tried to get rid of them, but the trance he was in prevented him from getting rid of the contact.
He reports that this experience is the most vivid of his life, as he was awake at the time of the kidnapping.


As the documentary shows, the voices that spoke to him on the phone always asked him to be careful at all times, as there would be people interested in his silence.
A short time later, on his way to work, Stan was stopped by a pickup truck.
While riding his bike, the ufologist made his way through the trees to the company he works for.
When he arrived at the parking lot of his work, the truck was already waiting for him with 4 men, who according to him were military, asking him to keep his mouth shut.

Shortly after trying to escape, Stan began to fight them (he had learned to fight by being bullied in high school), when he felt a blow to his back, as a result he suffered multiple injuries to his face, being hospitalized.

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However, Stan refused to be silent.
The ufologist began to give lectures and write books so that his cases were known throughout the world.
The revelation of the videos ended up making Stan known in the UFO environment and he was invited to participate in several television shows, to the point that his documentary debuted on Netflix.
With all the fame surrounding Stan’s life, it didn’t take long for accusations to be leveled against him.
The biggest of all was an anonymous tip that Stan was a pedophile and his computer contained images of child pornography, which led to his arrest, his computer and laptop were also seized by the US internal security force. it is nothing more than an attempt to demoralize so that the evidence that Stan has obtained over the last 17 years is discredited before the general public.

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At the end of the documentary, there were some newspaper headlines that would bring the news that the FBI took it upon themselves to put images like those found on Stan’s laptop and computer, to frame people as a virus that would be transmitted by Stan’s IP . the computer over the network.
.wifi from him.
According to the press covering the ufologist’s case, more than 300 pornographic images were found on his computer in about 17 different files.
The trial began on July 31 and is expected to end on August 9.

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