Reptilians: The non-human elite that secretly controls the world?

David Icke, the renowned researcher and theorist, ensures that since 1990 he has been investigating the reptilians who control the world.

Reptilians: The Non-Human Elite and How They Control the World

Although many people attacked him for this theory, his research, studied by several experts, surprised by the large  amount of documentation  . The warning that the reptilians are in  control of the world  is, in theory, entirely correct.

World control “in the hands of the reptilians”

According to  Icke  , control of the planet is in the hands of a few tycoons. Powerful figures from  the economic, political and royal spheres.

These beings are direct descendants of a race of  humanoid reptiles  that have always controlled humanity.

These dominant reptilians are those who wield world power through the “  Illuminati  ” occult society.

It is no secret that economic and political power is divided among  a few highly secret circles  . However, it is Icke’s introduction of the ‘lizard’ element that is surprising. He even has proof that they  transform at will  .

The researcher claims that most world leaders, from any social structure, such as the  Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and even the royal family of England  , come from these reptilians.

According to their investigations, they are over 2 meters tall and their main food source is blood.

These  creatures  can change their physical appearance from human to reptilian, depending on the moment. Icke featured in his research an interview with Christine Fitzgerald, Princess Diana’s confidant.

She told him that the Royal Family were reptilian aliens and that they could change their form at will.
Reptilians: The Non-Human Elite and How They Control the World

Deliberately provoked attacks

The researcher also claims that different events in the world were also orchestrated by these creatures.

One of the most famous was  9/11  , which was a reptilian plot to enslave humans  through fear. This plan was devised by the reptilian lackey, George Bush.

Although many people claim that such theories are difficult to understand, it is undeniable that they are powerfully impressive. Even now, he guarantees that the world will undergo  major changes  , all planned by this  elite  .

Although many people started to wake up, putting aside media manipulation and investigating for themselves.

But, unfortunately, a large part of humanity remains submerged in this whirlwind of misinformation, with which they are manipulated.

While the battle is not lost, people continue to connect with others around the world to share knowledge. Hoping to create change on a grand scale.

Each person is free to believe what they want. However, it is no secret that there is a globalist leadership that is pulling the strings of the world, making us fight each other. But mostly instilling fear in humanity.

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