People Denounce the Presence of a “Reptilian Entity” in Caracas, Venezuela

There are many testimonies of reptile-like beings all over the world. Now, witnesses from Caracas, Venezuela, have denounced the presence of a strange Reptilian Entity.

The Mysterious Universe portal   has compiled a series of information about an immediate encounter with a creature as  surprising as it is terrifying  . And is that the witnesses guarantee that it is a reptilian entity.

“Reptile Entity” in Caracas

Adrián Escalante, a resident of Caracas, Venezuela, has been photographing some  strange footprints  that appear and disappear inside his home.

The reptilian entity’s footprints measure  25 centimeters  and the fingers look like those of a  large species of lizard.

The collection of images and information was presented by UFO journalist   Héctor Escalante, who uploaded all the material to Instagram. Of course, the  coincidence of surnames  also generated some skepticism, but no one could deny what happened.

The event took place on  November 6, 2021  , in a house in downtown Caracas.

Escalante said the prints were scattered on the  second floor  . Both on the door, on the window and on the outside.

The investigator thoroughly searched the entire area of ​​the house and found no other fingerprints. The only ones were those in the house, which were made  of sackcloth  , which suggests that the creature came from a damp place.

Escalante wrote the following:

“It had not rained, so it was impossible that someone had stepped into the swamp in the street and left those marks.”

Mysterious entities in Venezuela

Venezuela is an area that has a history of strange sightings. An example of this is all the stories that still exist about the  Chupacabra  .

However, Héctor Escalante does not believe that what caused these mysterious footprints was the mythical creature, but rather  another reptilian entity.

The country also has stories of  a similar creature  called  the Big Monkey  . However, these footprints do not appear to be those of primates or humanoids.

The closest cryptid might be the  giant alligator  . This beast is similar to a 4.87 meter common alligator, but grows 3 times larger and is capable of  crushing boats and swallowing humans whole  .

But a creature like that would have been seen by everyone and would have caused  destruction and chaos  throughout the house.

Héctor Escalante launched the statement “interdimensional entities of a reptilian nature” as one of many possibilities. The only certainty is that there is no possibility that it  is a hoax.

The sociopolitical problems that the South American country has suffered in recent years are no secret to anyone, is it possible that these  reptilian creatures  are to blame?

Unfortunately, this is all the data the researcher provided about the mysterious footprints of the reptilian entity in Caracas. The mystery continues and it is still unknown if it was really a hoax or something else…

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