The Mysterious “Monolith” Found on Mars That NASA Recognizes as Real

At the time, for some it was a work of nature, for others an intelligent hand. It is a perfect monolith on the surface of Mars.

The image released at the time by the Italian website ‘Lunar Explorer Italia’ of the stone monolith on Mars

Photographs from the high-resolution camera “HiRISE” installed on NASA’s ‘Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’ were released in August 2009 by the Italian website Lunar Explorer Italia, and showed a rectangular-shaped object in the middle of a desolate landscape of the planet Mars.

The images on the Italian page had their authenticity from NASA. While for some it is a monument made by intelligent beings, for others it was a “coincidence”.

While many observers believed it was an artificially made monolith,  NASA  scientists   through the ‘Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’ spacecraft recognized that it could be a rock formation

Although with very well defined geometric shapes that could give “proof” of the existence of an ancient Martian civilization.

The fantasy was set in motion because in the movie ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ there is a very similar case: humanity discovers a monolith.

However, it is strange that the monolith is in the middle of an entirely flat, desert area of ​​Mars and that this rock has been left out of the reach of erosion.

According to estimates, it can be several tens of meters high. Watch the video below for more complete information about it.

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