Supposed Pyramid submerged in the Atlantic fuels theories about Atlantis

A few years ago, an alleged underwater pyramid of 60 meters in height was discovered, whose base is 8,000 square meters. Its lifespan is 20,000 years and its location exactly matches that given by Plato in Atlantis.

Small discoveries are slowly rewriting human history  and  things that were unlikely in the past  are now a reality  . Among these discoveries is that of a possible  20,000-year-old pyramid  in the depths of the Atlantic.

This mysterious archaeological find has generated  a lot of controversy  in the scientific community. That’s because it may be the missing proof of  Atlantis ‘ existence  .

A 20,000-year-old pyramid in the Atlantic?

Press releases in Portugal claimed that a  huge pyramid  had been discovered  at the bottom of the sea  , right next to the islands of São Miguel and Teceira in the  Azores  .

The Azores are a group of 9 volcanic islands more than a  thousand kilometers from Lisbon  . Interestingly, the pyramidal construction is located in exactly  the same location  given by  Plato  for Atlantis.

The Greek philosopher said that the lost continent was located on an island in the Atlantic, specifically “beyond” the columns of Hercules. Exactly where the Azores are.

Plato also said that the island was a  military power that existed 9,000 years ago  , before the time of Solon. He also describes it as larger than Libya and Asia combined.

The level of detail used by the Greeks led many researchers to propose  different theories  . Likewise, the fact that the source is only her unproven stories has caused other studies to  regard her as fiction  .

The fact, the most reliable sources say that it is just a  natural formation  , but doubts always arise on this controversial subject.

The Azores are also around the  fault lines  between North America, Eurasia and the tectonic plates of Africa. A very unstable area.

The strange  underwater structure  found under the ocean is believed to be a square-based pyramid, perfectly oriented by its  cardinal points  .

Proof of the existence of Atlantis?

The researchers claim that the structure submerged at least  20,000 years ago  , when the world’s glaciers melted.

According to reports from Portugal, Diocleciano Silva was the first to discover it. Early estimates suggest the  structure  is at least  60 meters tall  , with a square base of  8,000 square meters.

Silva says he discovered it while fishing and found it when he used a bathymetric kit he had on his boat. Bathymetry is the study of the depth of water.

However, not everyone is convinced  that it really is a pyramid  . Many people say that it is possible that it is a  volcanic hill  and not the remains of Atlantis.

Speaking to Diário Insular, Silva said:

“The pyramid is perfectly shaped and apparently oriented by the cardinal points.”

To this day, this mystery remains in place and no expert has been able to confirm and deny the discovery made by Silva. Is this really proof of the existence of Atlantis?

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