Dr. James Kune Claims Millions of ALIENS Live on Earth in Human Form

It is irresistible that we are in a world rich in water and land, with a benign climate, and even that the idea that  extraterrestrial races  can coexist with the human race is very interesting, as explained by  Dr. James Kune  , who claims that millions of aliens are among us displaying a human form.

Millions of ALIENS live on Earth in human form, according to Dr. James Kune

The human being has splendid but limited faculties, so the senses of sight and hearing do not allow us to do more than recreate a part of the reality of the world we live in, when compared to other native species. Within these visual and auditory limitations, we cannot appreciate the camouflage of extraterrestrial races that inhabit the cities of the world and that walk alongside us.

What are the statements of Dr. James Kune? 

They can be of two types. The benevolent ones are the most related to the human being and are having a closer contact with us. There are not a few who live with us, there are estimated to be millions in a single country, according to  Dr. James Kune.
Dr. James Kune

It is estimated in the millions in a single country, according to Dr. James Kune.

Dr. _ James Kune  , a physicist and UFO expert, has identified over 1,000 different cases of alien presence during his career in the United States government. “Up to 5 million  aliens  live in the United States after assuming human form.”

“Perhaps the very purpose of these aliens that live here is simply to observe the humans that live around them, and in a magnified way, towards the population in which they are settled.” “There is a 50% chance of marrying a foreigner. Many were identified when they tried to impersonate humans and their behavior was considered abnormal for the human profile. “
There is a 50% chance of marrying a foreigner

“The reasons for coming here to Earth can be diverse: that you are here because you are a species in conquest or because of the desire to live on another planet. Perhaps they too suffered from an overcrowded world and had to move elsewhere. ”

“Some of these aliens are peaceful and others have undesirable behaviors. But some of these alien entities are able to interpenetrate and understand each other with humans, the longer these aliens stay, the more eager they will be for company. ”

What does the survey say? 

After multiple investigations carried out in the 20th century, the human being’s ability to achieve an awakening of conscience became undeniable, through emotions, sense and expression of freedom, the sense of collectivity, and by supuesto, la analysis capability.

Today, in the human population, there are two types of people, those manipulated by the power elite to generate divisions and confrontations, and those who have learned not to blindly trust what is said in the media. Given this, formal acceptance of the UFO phenomenon was carried out quickly, events unthinkable even a few years ago. It is now manifested as a fact that hybrid races and of course some extraterrestrial races are co-existing with humanity.

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