A mysterious donut-shaped UFO appeared under the Falcon 9 rocket during its launch on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

SpaceX kicked off the new year with the launch of its first Falcon 9 rocket, taking 49 Starlink satellites into orbit before returning to Earth.

During footage of the rocket launch broadcast on the internet, a mysterious ring-shaped UFO can be seen moving under the rocket.

The strange sight provoked numerous reactions on social media and mentions of both the aerospace company SpaceX and  Elon Musk himself  .

“This ring-shaped UFO appeared during the launch of Falcon 9 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida,” explained YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0.

“While the rocket was on our Earth, this object appeared and then they changed cameras.”

One netizen even asked a question on the Starlink Reddit forum, asking if they could explain the sighting. But what caught our attention the most was that the moment the UFO appears in the form of a donut, SpaceX decides to switch cameras, obviously to cover up whatever the mysterious object is.

Experts in the field say they don’t believe it’s a type of lens flare, usually because the flares come in different colors, ensuring it’s all physical clarity.

So far, neither Musk nor SpaceX has commented on the mystery object and we don’t think they will. But skeptics believe the mysterious object was simply “ice accumulation”.

However, this theory does not explain why the control center decided to switch cameras at that time. Also, this isn’t the first time SpaceX has been related to UFOs.

Last year, during the launch of the SpaceX  Crew Dragon capsule  , the crew of four astronauts were notified of a possible collision with a UFO.

And in 2020, several  UFOs  were spotted by onlookers after another SpaceX launch live.

What do you think of the Falcon 9 UFO? UFO of extraterrestrial origin or does it have a logical and rational explanation?

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