Silpho Moor case, are these the remains of a UFO in a box at a museum in London?

Silpho Moor  is known to many as the British Roswell, which generated a great deal of controversy in 1957 when a small, very complex and heavy metal object was seen falling by several people in an open field in the area.

Are the remains of a UFO in a London museum box?

Many people believed that this object belonged to a UFO as it was covered with strange alien hieroglyphics. At the time, it seemed like there was little means of getting to the bottom of what the object was, but now, all these years later, it looks like the mystery has been solved.

After decades, the Silpho Moor case may have a solution

At the time, alleged UFO hieroglyphics were considered fascinating about the strange landing, as hieroglyphics were also considered a feature of the  1947 Roswell UFO crash  , which took place ten years before the Silpho Moor controversy. At the time of the accident, several local residents examined the long coded message, with some of them putting forward their theories as to what it meant. For example, according to local cafe owner Phillip Longbottom, the hieroglyphs were translated into a message sent by an alien named Ullo that contained a warning to humans that they should improve or disappear.

Silpho Moor case

Despite the sensational nature of the accident, it appears that the artifacts were not treated with due care and consideration. Some of the parts of the alleged alien craft ended up on display at a local fish and chips store, while others were dragged to the scrap yard. However, some of the pieces were carefully collected and sent to the London Science Museum in 1963.

Once the pieces of the object were received in London, he passed them on to a meteorite and explosives specialist in a neighbor named Gordon Claringbull. The fact that they were broadcast for research was not known to the public until very recently.

These would be the remains of a UFO

It was only recently that  Dr. David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University  gave a talk at the Science Museum on the release of the UFO files held by the Ministry of Defense that made it possible to see evidence of the artifacts.

The Doctor. Clarke explained: ‘One of the museum staff patted me on the shoulder and asked if I knew that ‘flying saucer pieces’ had been stored for decades in a cigarette tin in the group store at the museum. Museum”. “I was surprised when we later opened the tin box and saw the remains. It was obvious that these were the remains of the Silpho disk that some claimed as the British answer to the famous Roswell incident. It’s amazing to see such pieces, as this mysterious object has been in the archives of a museum for over half a century.

But what happened to the original evidence of the object in the 1960s?

As it progresses, the response is somewhat disappointing. Upon examination, Gordon found that there was nothing unusual in the samples to suggest that the object had an extraterrestrial origin.

Skeptics have suggested that the most likely explanation is that the so-called UFO was improvised using a hot water cylinder and landed on Silpho Moor as a joke or hoax.

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