Experts discover an ancient Mayan statue representing a gray alien (VIDEO)

Representatives of the  Xiutetelco Museum  in Puebla, Mexico, exposed the discovery of an important archaeological piece, originating from the ancient  Mayan culture  , which inhabited the area a few times during the year 400 AD.
Gray Alien

Ancient Mayan statue depicting a gray alien

The mysterious  ‘statue consists of a snake enveloping the figure of a small humanoid ‘  alien  ‘ seen in profile, holding a human head. Note the strange head and oval eyes.

An ancient Mayan statue depicting a Gray Alien?

The fascinating piece contains four mineral incrustations such as obsidian, turquoise, jade and shell, and was found by civil servants from the Maxtaloyan community, in the upper part of the aforementioned municipality, while carrying out improvement works. According to El Sol de Puebla, the discovery is “a fundamental sample of the Mayan culture that for a long time inhabited the region, settling in the current municipality, leaving important traces”.
Mayan statue depicting a gray alien

Mayan statue depicting a gray alien

Rafael Julián Montiel, responsible for the museum of Xiutetelco, said that as this area is adjacent to the archaeological zone of Cantona, among other communities, more pieces of this type can be found. In the near future, and especially during construction, experts will monitor the area in hopes of discovering similar artifacts and preventing damage to possible future discoveries.

Likewise, the museum director added that Maxtaloyan is home to a volcano, similar to that of the community of ‘Los Humeros’ in the municipality of Chignautla, which has erupted in the past, warning that there is a danger of the volcano erupting And burying an entire pre-Hispanic settlement.

Monitel concluded:  “So far, more than 5,000 pieces have been discovered in various parts of this county. All of them were attended to and exhibited at the museum, which receives a large number of visitors who want to know more about the ancestral wealth that Xiutetelco has.

Does this really represent a Gray Alien? What do the experts say?

Experts have not yet concluded exactly what the newly discovered figure embodied in ancient Mayan sculpture represents.
Does this really represent a Gray Alien?

Does this really represent a Gray Alien?

This led to the emergence of several theories among those who had the opportunity to see him in person.
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Some people no doubt see a classic “Grey” alien holding a human head, while others add that the snake may symbolize an ancient “reptilian deity”.
Many would agree that the ancient statue clearly represents a gray alien, with its elongated head and oval eyes.
Tell us in the comments what you think about it,
do you think it’s undoubtedly a representation of a Gray Alien? 

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