Bizarre four-legged humanoid creature is seen on CCTV crossing a road in the UK

According to CCTV footage, a strange humanoid creature was spotted speeding along a British four-lane motorway. Although the footage appears to show the animal speeding along the highway, still the video frames raise doubts about its identity. The still images show a strange creature running on all fours, with what appears to be a human head and body.

Paranormal investigators have refuted claims that this video was a hoax.

“We checked the footage with the local officials responsible for surveillance cameras in this region and found that it is not a hoax. The footage is real. This creature was captured on camera crossing a road in the UK.

There were many theories about the creature when it went viral. These included deer or squirrels, cats or dogs, foxes or wolves, as well as dogs and kangaroos. But because of the forward-facing knees, the deer were quickly dismissed. It is not yet known whether the creature has been identified.

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