Glowing mothership displays a small sphere over Las Vegas

I’m surprised to see this UFO Orb mothership because it’s literally giving birth to another smaller UFO Orb and I really didn’t expect that.
To be honest, that’s exactly what we’re looking at here – a UFO Orb mothership deploys a smaller Orb, and to be honest, I’m not sure what I was expecting, but 2 UFOs for the price of one should be fine, right?
I thought the smaller Orb UFO was suspended underneath the larger UFO with a rope, but no, it is definitely moving independently of the Mothership which was moving from the middle and directly below the larger UFO.
Then he went to the left side (looking at him) of the larger one.
If you need a rope to hang from under it, I don’t know how he can do it.

So because of that impossibility, for me it’s a really real UFO incident.
Am I going to put my money where my mouth is in this UFO video since I think I figured out the correct answer?
I’m not saying I’m disappointed with this knowledge, but I’d be lying if I said I really don’t think it’s a brilliant UFO Orb video.
The truth is, as soon as I saw the glowing UFO, I thought it was fake.
But it turns out the guy actually looks as straight as a dye.
I’m digging into the finer details of this and it seems like it makes sense.
For example, there is no revealing CGI, copy and paste the blur around the edges of the UFOs.
And on the flip side, your neighbors will have to be involved in the hoax and be fine while it can happen: what are the chances of that happening and what’s to be gained by creating a stupid UFO hoax?
And on the other hand, some people seem to know when will there be UFOs in the sky?
Seriously, I’ve looked at this and there are people who have invited the mainstream media to witness these UFOs appear when summoned and lo and behold, they did.
Also, did you see the Skinwalker Ranch episode when multiple UFOs appeared at intervals?
That was a sic UFO encounter and they watched it all on live television recordings as they went along.
I would be happier or happier if I said if there was more of the video, you know, like a beginning and an end.
Looks like we just made money and we don’t have couch and wine scenes or the morning walk of shame so to speak hahaha.
But the cash injection is good I think… Please stay the course.
If you know this YouTube channel, you already know that it is a channel dedicated to UFO sightings in Las Vegas, and to be honest, I never thought that one city would be able to provide so many UFOs enough to create a YouTube. dedicated.

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Footage – It was filmed from the eyewitnesses’ own home and while there is no way of knowing how he knew he was there because we don’t have the full video but I’m sure one day he will we will know.
maybe you know…
Anyway, getting back to the doohicky UFO (yes, it’s good with two letters o), it’s glowing, but what drives it or creates that energy?
The energy that comes out of this thing, especially when it changes color, means there’s intelligence in it.
The mere fact that a smaller orb appears suggests that he is also intelligent.
The reason for this deployment of another UFO besides itself is because it’s taking a sample from the air or it’s displaying something in our atmosphere and the more you start to think about it and it starts to go that way it starts to get a little weird and disconcerting.
Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Images: I say intriguing because it brings me back to the fundamental question: Why are there UFOs here?
They’re on the run from humans, so it’s intriguing, they accept US Air Force pursuits, and yes, that’s more intriguing.
How would you describe this Las Vegas UFO encounter or sighting, which I suppose is more accurate?
The witness (Steve Barone) says it definitely has a different shape than an orb, but I don’t know that.
The orange shape on the black background is supposed to be the UFO and the Orb, but the image was put through a filter that (I assume) is picking up the strongest energy points in the image taken from the video.
The strongest energy points that come from the object can be filtered out and therefore it gives us a strong silhouette shape which to distinguish it from the background separates like an orange color which is certainly not a sphere according to this image.
Let’s assume (again) that this is a true representation of the UFO and that the outline of the silhouette is correct, so I’m actually more confused now than before.
I have no opinion on what this shape can do, especially since it is a UFO shape.
If you guys have any idea what it is, please leave a comment because I can’t think of it.
Here is the full description of the YouTube video:
I recorded this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of ​​Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of Wednesday, December 11, 2019. This is a brief preview of what you will see on full video.
Tonight was the first time I had the sudden urge to hurry up and go out with my camera.
I don’t know if it was a full moon or what, but I got straight to the point.
When I saw the little probes leaving the UFO and coming back, I knew I probably had my best video.
See why it’s short for you to see that the full video will be amazing.
Steve Barone on YouTube
I have to admit, I’ve never met anyone who has the feeling to specifically grab a camera and run out the back door, not the front door, and there’s a UFO waiting for them?
And he’s clearly done nothing but float very close to the roof of his neighbors’ house… I’ll be honest, he looks suspicious.
Here is the full YouTube video from the Steve Barone channel:

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