Amazing Radio Broadcast From NASA Astronaut As Dozens Of Bizarre UFOs Surrounded Him

This amazing film has been released all over the web recently as it represents perhaps NASA’s most notable space explorer, John Glenn himself and his experience with what has all the hallmarks of being a large number of UFOs.
In fact, if you read carefully, this man actually ran through a large number of tiny UFOs that circumnavigated around his spacecraft.

The sound is from the Mercury-Atlas 6 container which was directed by John Glenn himself as he was writing around February 20, 1962 that this strange connection had caught his attention.
The mission that the case was supposed to encompass was just its normal three-orbit mission around the Earth, however, it wasn’t as uninteresting as it appeared to be as indicated by this newly discovered film.
At its fastest speed, the boat known as Friendship 7 actually reached a sum of 17,500 miles per hour as it circumnavigated our entire world.
Regardless of how the mission took a total of 4 hours, 55 minutes and 23 seconds, this was not as common as they portrayed as Mr. Glenn reports that he was captured by many small UFOs that completely surrounded his spacecraft.

Despite the boat’s crazy speed, these little UFOs actually kept an eye out for him as far as they seemed to consistently associate within 7 to 8 feet of his boat.
NASA announced the way John Glenn had fantasized everything as a result of the absence of noticeable oxygen around;
however, this is certainly not the situation here.

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