5 things captured on camera in a scary tunnel

The Thing in the Riese Tunnels Project Riese was a strange arrangement by the German military to manufacture a progression of underground constructions in the Owl Mountains of Poland during World War II. In any case, the projects were not completed, leaving only an unnatural arrangement of passages and caves.

The real reason for these unpleasant passages was never found based on the fact that no documentation depicting Project Riese was found at any point.

In this video, a group of adventurers are traveling through the murky passages of Project Riese when they experience another extremely peculiar cave traveler. A 4chan customer struggled to lighten and balance the unnerving video so the peculiar animal could be seen in a clearer part.

It almost looks like some surprising little thing running on two legs through the restricted passages.
Anyway, what’s your opinion?
Could it be some freaky German WWII judgment gone wrong?
Is it some strange animal?
Or is the whole thing simply a big job of embellishments?
Remain By Me 3 young men decide to investigate a train den near Lake Odell in Oregon.

Despite having spotlights, the passage is so dark that they can barely see more than two feet in front of them.
In the beginning, they take as long as necessary, walking relaxed along the slopes.
However, as they progress through the passage, they understand that it is significantly longer than they initially suspected.
They seem to get a little apprehensive and start running, trying to get to the opposite end of the passage sooner.
Anxiety will soon freeze.

Also, one of the guys said that “I thought I heard something”
“Imagine a scenario where the train started to arrive at this moment” Less than a moment later, your question is answered… “It is a train” Young people jump into the muddy water near the tracks and as the train thunders towards them, they press firmly against the pass divider.
Fortunately, the 3 young people withstand the train’s passage without a scratch.

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