“There is another world under the ice of Antarctica,” researchers recently revealed

It’s exactly as the title suggests, as a new study has shown the fact that there appears to be a completely separate world beneath the ice of Antarctica.


You might think it’s silly to say this, but we have evidence that, about 2,700 feet below West Antarctica, there appear to be a wide variety of “swamps” that could theoretically support life.

Another world under the ice of Antarctica?

This project was originally funded by the Whillans Ice Subglacial Access Research Drilling Project in conjunction with the National Science Foundation, which together supported the research team’s efforts to identify what may be under Antarctica’s ice.

“There is another world under the ice of Antarctica,” researchers recently revealed

All of this was made possible by global warming, as with the shift of the poles it seems that we’ve found even more evidence of an ancient civilization that lived under Antarctica all along.

Many believe this could also be the entrance to the  Hollow Earth  , and who knows, maybe it is. Specialists continue to investigate, trying to find the best place to enter.

The problem is that while we now have the means to see that there is a wide variety of swamps below, we still cannot dig 2,700 feet below because that would require an inhuman amount of work, to say the least.
Scientists were stunned when they discovered that the ocean’s water reservoir has the ability to alter the lake’s biogeochemistry.
Regardless, we expect to find more evidence of this as time goes on.
Undoubtedly, this investigation is the beginning, as it is extremely important to continue with the investigations, since in Antarctica Antarctica was a tropical area covered by forests and had a diverse fauna.
Undoubtedly, this would be a good opportunity to discover interesting aspects of the past of this territory.

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