The Mystery of the “Alien Humanoid” Hidden in a Work by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci needs no introduction, Renaissance painter, possibly one of the greatest in history, who painted the priceless painting of the Mona Lisa, however, few know that within this painting there is a hidden enigma.

Painter, anatomist, architect, paleontologist, artist, botanist, scientist, sculptor, philosopher, engineer, inventor, musician, poet and urban planner, Leonardo Da Vinci was a great  polymath  who stood out, essentially, in the art of painting.

Is it possible that he left hidden messages in his artwork?

There are theories that revolve around this idea, but while some look for codes and predictions within his paintings, there is a confirmed secret in one of his most recognizable works.

The Secret in the Mona Lisa

Among the most recognized works of Da Vinci is La Gioconda, perhaps as the best known. Also called the Mona Lisa, it was acquired by  King Francis I of France  in the early 16th century. Being owned by the French state since date.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous painting: Mona Lisa.

The painting is currently on display at  the Louvre Museum  and its protagonist is believed to be the wife of Francesco Di Bartolomeo del Giocondo, whose name was Lisa Gherardini, this painting has always been surrounded by mysteries and enigmas. It was stolen in 1911 and copied many times, making it the most recognized work in the world.

As a result of this, members of the French National Cultural Heritage Committee analyzed the painting in detail, finding a series of letters and numbers next to the irises of both of the woman’s eyes.

But there’s something even more intriguing, what some call “definitive proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life.”

2 images of Mona Lisa, together on opposite sides form the face of an Alien?

A strange humanoid known as the “Father of Alien Origin”, hiding inside the Mona Lisa. Many theologians believe that Da Vinci hid secret codes and subliminal messages in most of his works.

If this is true, it is normal to think that the Mona Lisa was painted to hide important historical and religious facts and, perhaps, related to the existence of aliens and their participation in the Roman Catholic Church.

Alien Priest

YouTube channel  Paranormal Crucible  reported the discovery of the so-called “alien priest” hidden in the painting, in the announcement video, a team reveals the hidden shape and identifies the alleged alien’s facial features.

The so-called extraterrestrial priest in Da Vinci’s work.

However, it is also necessary to point out that Paranormal Crucible experts do not show any explanation for the existence of this humanoid or why he is an “alien priest”.

This mysterious discovery generated a lot of controversy across the internet, and many people discussed the case on different forums and social networks.

The big question is:

Why would Leonardo Da Vinci hide an image of an alien creature inside his already enigmatic Mona Lisa?

A work that, since its completion in 1506, not even the world’s greatest experts have been able to really explain.

According to theorists, Leonardo Da Vinci himself could be an alien.

Scott C. Waring , renowned and controversial theorist and researcher, also spoke about this fact and offered answers to the images that Da Vinci was hiding, for him, there is no doubt, the figure hidden in the painting is an extraterrestrial being.

He even dared to say that the probability that Da Vinci was from an extraterrestrial race is very high.

Waring said:

“The author shows all the signs, he had a great intellectual capacity, an extraordinary creative ability, and he used them to do amazing work.”

While this is all speculation and theory, or as detractors indicate “just  pareidolia ”, it is still extremely surprising.

See the video:

Why would Leonardo Da Vinci hide an alleged alien inside the Mona Lisa?

And, if true, could the famous polymath really be an “alien”?

What do you, dear reader, think?

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