Russian Astronauts: Found Fragments of an Extraterrestrial Spaceship in Space?

Many people may not realize it but high above our heads, in space orbiting our planet, far from where the eye can see is a giant landfill. There all sorts of junk clogs our orbit, including non-functional spacecraft, abandoned vehicle stages, space mission debris, abandoned satellites, and a hodgepodge of millions and millions of junk that we throw into space .

However according to some strange stories there is more than just garbage up there spinning our planet far from the eye can see and one of the strangest is a supposedly out of order alien craft, complete with alien bodies. in orbit around the Earth.

In 1979, Soviet astrophysicist Sergei Boshich made the spectacular claim that he had found evidence of what he called an exploded alien spacecraft that broke into many pieces and hovered in orbit. According to his estimates he was able to track down 10 pieces of spacecraft debris, many of which were estimated to be around 30 meters in length.

Boshich said he calculated the trajectories of the explosion and came to the conclusion that it spread after some sort of space explosion that occurred on December 18, 1955 and even more bizarre was his claim that this mysterious extraterrestrial spacecraft was abandoned and at the same time before it was probably a tomb now containing the bodies of the ship’s occupants. This sounds like a conspiracy, but there were others who supported these findings, including a Soviet astrophysicist and science fiction writer Aleksandr Kazantsev, who said: “Its dimensions would suggest several planes, perhaps five. We believe foreign bodies will still be on board.

Scientists quickly ruled out the possibility that it could be Earth’s native space junk as the alleged explosion preceded the first human object into space that would have been launched by Sputnik 1 in 1957. They also denied that it could have been a meteor because the ‘object’ space was kept in a constant orbit.”

According to Boshich and his team of scientists, all evidence points to an alien spacecraft exploding in space and a Moscow physicist Dr. Vladimir Azhazha said: “Meteors do not have orbits, they are dropped aimlessly, launching themselves irregularly into space. And they don’t spontaneously explode. All the evidence we’ve gathered over the past decade points to one thing: an alien spacecraft that exploded in space. You need to start a rescue mission. The ship or what’s left of it must be reassembled here on Earth. The benefits for humanity can be stupendous. ”

Apparently the discovery also piqued the interest of the Americans and according to reports from military witnesses there was some degree of cooperation between them to devise a plan to rescue the damaged spacecraft and possibly even embark it. One of the problems was that the Soviets were very secretive about the information they had, which created skepticism on the part of British scientists. Here’s what a British scientist reported: “There are over 4,000 pieces of debris orbiting Earth. Each has a catalog number to identify it. We would like to know the catalog number of this object. It is possible to date the object after a considerable number of observations. In addition to the Americans, we would be interested in analyzing if the Russians made the information available.”

Very interesting is what was pointed out in a 1969 article in the journal Icarus, in which astronomer John Bagby claimed to have found 10 moons orbiting the Earth that he said had been released by a single source on December 18, 1955 which was not to surprise on the same day mentioned by Boshich.

The story of what was called “The Boshich Wreckage” was published in various news sources at the time and generated a lot of speculation and conspiracy. One was that although there was no official confirmation of the launch of an actual rescue mission, the Americans and Soviets did so secretly. Another theory was that this was all a smokescreen thrown by the Soviets to provoke disinformation in the Cold War period a total fabrication likely based heavily on the Icarus article. Of course, there is also the possibility that the whole story is one big blow. Although the finding has been printed in a wide variety of publications, it all originated from an article in the British tabloid Reveille, which is in many ways like The National Enquirer, known to be a particularly unreliable news source.

What’s going on with all this? Was it real in some sense? If yes how? Was it a conspiracy launched by the Russians to prank the US about an exploded UFO floating in space? Ufologists say something happened in space and whatever it is is certainly a curious story.

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