ISSYK KUL: The Mysterious Lake That Could House GIANTS

There are many conspiracy theories in Russia which include UFO sightings and other strange creatures. However, the issue of Lake  Issyk Kul  , a lake said to be home to giants, has recently come to the fore.

Lake Issik Kul

Issyk Kul, is the name given to a lake located in Kyrgyzstan, a country in Central Asia, the translation of its name means “Warm Lake”, and it gets that name because the lake never freezes, no matter what. surrounded by frozen mountains, but it seems that on Issyk Kul other very curious phenomena occur.

Could giants really live in this lake?

An investigator named Ilvya Grabovsky was conducting a comprehensive exploration of some strange events that were happening at Lake Issik Kul. In the middle of the investigation, he had the opportunity to speak with a man who was in the locality and who had lived an experience in this lake. Although he initially refused, he soon ended up stating that he had been there many years ago with his friends.

So they discovered a cave, they came back with ropes and other climbing devices. Inside, they found the skeletons of  giant men with silver medallions in the shape of a bat  , a figure also used for UFOs. Although he no longer had these amulets, as they were melted down and sold, the truth is that he kept a piece that he gave to the researcher. When he checked, they didn’t know what year it was.

But that wasn’t the only thing that happened at Lake Issik Kul, for when he reviewed old documents, he saw that in the 1800’s some children had gone through a very similar experience. They were looking for mussels and discovered this cave where these giants were found. Grabovsky was never able to find the cave and never gave details of his findings.

The Mysterious Frogs

As if that wasn’t enough, in 1980 this lake was frequented by the military of this country. This is where the frogmen, those responsible for entering the lake, come into play.

They claim that one day, while swimming, they saw a kind of  humanoid  with overalls and without a diving mask, despite the cold and the depths. There is no doubt that this mysterious lake hides secrets that we may never be able to decipher, but sooner or later we will get closer to the truth. Tell us in the comments what you think of this Mysterious Lake.

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