Here’s Full Confirmation That The Black Knight Satellite UFO Is Real

Here’s Full Confirmation That The Black Knight Satellite UFO Is Real

Here is the undeniable, unmistakable and concrete evidence that the “strongly contested” UFO called the Black Knight Satellite is indeed real.

I must admit that for a long time, even I thought that the Black Knight Satellite (BKS) was a very controversial case of mistaken identity and that it was a heat shield or just a hoax! Sounds too good to be true, right? I always post about “too good to be true UFOs” and I have no doubt that some can be very controversial, but if this is anything to go by, it goes to show that even highly unlikely UFO sightings can be real. That’s why I’m not going to allow my bias to get in the way of a full understanding of what we have in terms of UFOs or alien activity.

Below is the very real, very important and absolutely amazing anomaly called designated number STS088-724-70 of the Black Knight “UFO” Satellite. To this day, some people still think that the Black Knight Satellite UFO is not real or that it is CGI. But it’s very, very real, I can assure you, did you also know that some expert estimates put it in orbit around the Earth for up to, or more, tens of thousands of years? This is amazing because it’s not human space junk, it’s not a natural piece of rock debris, and it’s shaped like an expertly designed “something”.

The NASA photo below is from the actual NASA archives and is the exact photo without zoom applied to see the BKS in more detail. This process is the reason why we see a lot of blurry UFOs because people approach the UFO and lose focus i.e. lose pixels because they cannot fully compensate for something that is not completely high definition.

But no, it’s not a heat shield and it’s not part of a space shuttle, it’s not a piece of space junk that cuts through space junk or a part of the ISS or the Soyuz space station that disappeared without the astronauts knowing.

Lee Lewis UFO WARNING PHOTOGRAPHY: I know this contradictory information because everything is present and everything is responsible. Also, there was no catastrophic depressurization!

In fact, I just discovered another “piece of space junk/junk image number STS035-72-58 that has a really weird profile. I wonder if it’s still the BKS but the photo was taken from further away. I’m sure there’s a lot in the sequence of photos from that race. Here is this new image:

Also here is the description of the BKS Wikipedia page; NASA photo taken during the STS-88 shuttle mission, described as showing a feature of “space debris”, an object that conspiracy theorists claim is an alien satellite, the Black Knight.

In an extraneous note (which I believe best describes this NASA video about the BKS) here is the apparent NASA video that shows the astronauts filming the earthquakes, but also filming the laughable call Black Knight Satellite UFO hahahaha. That’s what NASA wants us to create is the BKS. I’m stunned into a laughing dimension, it’s ridiculous what NASA would like you and me to believe is the Black Knight Satellite UFO.

It has nothing to do with BKS. It doesn’t look like anything. It’s silver to begin with. Check out this video from NASA:

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