ARE OCTOPES ALIEN? Scientists claim they come from space

Are octopuses really space animals? A group of scientists has published a document entitled  “Cambrian Explosion”  in which researchers claim that octopuses are not terrestrial species and that they arrived on the planet in frozen eggs millions of years ago.

Are octopuses really space animals?

Let’s be realistic, octopuses are rare and at the same time extraordinary, they are especially intelligent, they have unique appendages and organs. It’s no wonder these animals have inspired some of the most horrific monsters in the fictional universe, but can they really be aliens?

Are octopuses ALIENS?

Well, that’s what a group of researchers proposes that organized a series of ideas that revive one of the most romantic concepts in biology: panspermia.

Are octopuses ALIENS?

According to them, the octopus is the best example that life has an extraterrestrial component. Its genome is undoubtedly strange. For example, the way your genes express themselves is quite different from the way other living things do. This likely has a lot to do with their unusual intelligence or strange abilities.

What explains the Cambrian explosion?

So scientists put it by name, they attributed it to an unusual event that occurred at the beginning of the Cambrian period, marked by the extremely sudden appearance of macroscopic multicellular life forms. This event causes confusion among scientists due to the abrupt change that is observed in the fossil record.

At the moment, science has not been able to determine what exactly caused the Cambrian Explosion, some believe it was a sudden climate change or an increase in the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere. In this sense, scientists claim that this event was the product of the collision of clouds of organic molecules against the Earth.

A possible explanation

Among the arguments presented by the scientific team, the genetic complexity of this type of animal stands out, which, as evidenced, has up to “33 thousand more protein-coding genes than those present in Homo sapiens”.

In addition to this fact, another data provided by specialists is the large brain that these beings have and the presence of a metabolism with a highly sophisticated nervous system. So, after analyzing these questions, the general conclusion of the study determined that the characteristics of these animals come from an advanced race very different from the human,  and that it cannot be other than extraterrestrial  . Tell us in the comments what you think of this article,  do you think octopuses are aliens?

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