The Vatican has changed its opinion on extraterrestrial life in recent years, in 2008 Father    Gabriel Funes  made some statements that had a strong impact on the media and the general public regardless of the religious creed of each person, which is that the Catholic Church is a institution with almost 2,000 years and with a lot of influence in the world, so when speaking it is necessary to be attentive, to read to know the disturbing message expressed by the church.

Could aliens control humanity through religion?

Religions, especially Catholicism, is the most widespread religion on the planet and with the greatest political and economic power, it is the only religious denomination that has its own State in which it governs with absolute sovereignty and from which it exerts influence over practically all countries…earth governments, so  if aliens need to use religion to control the world, we’re pretty sure the Catholic monarch would be ideal for the role.

The pope would be a crucial tool to control humanity

What do experts say about this?

Although they are just theories, this has been thought by many specialists in ufology, but indications are already beginning to appear that a very strong interaction is taking place between the ecclesiastical high command and foreign powers, proof of this is the recent statement by Father Funes where at the moment At the time he said that the universe is too big to be inhabited only by us, in this way the church admits the possibility that there is extraterrestrial life without this contradicting, according to them, the existence of God and the biblical account of creation.

Other indications that promote the influence of extraterrestrial beings with religion are the parallels in the life stories of some biblical characters, with mythical characters reported in books from very ancient cultures with proven extraterrestrial sponsorship.


Tell us what you think about it, do you think aliens might be using religion to control humanity? or maybe not, let us know what you think. 

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