What’s in the deepest hole in the earth?

The earth is made up of three physical elements which are; the  lithosphere  (solid elements), the  hydrosphere  (liquid element) and the  atmosphere  (gas element). The combination of these three elements is what makes life possible on our planet. Even though it is made up of 70% water, of which we know only 5% of the seas around the world. And the rest are the elements that make up the earth both chemically and mechanically.

That exists in the deepest hole in the earth

The Earth’s central point is more than 6,000 kilometers deep and its outermost zone. It is about 3000 km from us. While the human being barely managed to reach 12,262 km of depth. Bone, one of the greatest mysteries that exist on our planet, is right under our feet.

Kola’s Super Deep Well

In the 20th century, the world was waiting for the Cold War. Between the United States and the Soviet Union, as they competed to conquer other planets. However, a group of  geologists  had their sights beyond our soil. And so the project for the deepest well on Earth was born. Which is located near Finland, in the Pechenga region, on the Kola Peninsula

Kola’s well is the deepest on earth

It was then that the Soviet Union made several holes in the Kola Peninsula (Russia). These soundings have helped a lot to understand the geology of the Earth, and this is due to the record it holds for being the deepest point on the planet with more than 12,262 kilometers deep, although initially it was intended to reach 15 km. The objective of this drilling was to study the Earth’s mantle, which is located at a depth of almost 3,000 kilometers.

The deepest man-made hole

Drilling of the deepest well on Earth began in 1970 to 1989, reaching a depth of 12,262 meters. To reach this depth, Uralmash-4E and later Uralmash-15000 drills were used. As they progressed, the Earth’s temperature increased to the point of reaching 180 degrees Celsius, so the machines began to literally melt. In addition, a mass of mud and hydrogen began to flow, which, together with some landslides, put an end to the work, so today it is kept hermetically closed with a metal lid built into the floor and sealed with thick metal bolt rings.

That exists in the deepest omen of the earth

Upon reaching a depth of 7 kilometers, they found rocks fractured with water from the interior of the earth and microscopic fossils that remained in the rocks for more than 2,000 years.

But the curiosity of many people did not wait. In 1989, the Trinity Broadcasting Network collected information about a story published by the Finnish scientific journal “Ammenusastia”. Where they narrate the disturbing news that in this well they found a huge underground cavity. Intrigued by the discovery, the scientists lowered a heat-resistant microphone and other sensory devices into the well, and what the microphone captured was frightening.

They record voices from hell in the glue pit

It took 17 seconds before the microphone entered the hottest part of the earth and was melted by fire. However, in those 17 seconds, screams, pleas and screams were heard. These noises are said to come from humans or some other unknown being. These events were recorded by some Siberian scientists and a doctor named Azzacov. The doctor communicated that he does not believe in heaven or the Bible, but claims that what he heard there was terrifying and that possibly hell exists. This news echoed throughout the world and this pit came to be called the pit of hell, O gate of hell.

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