Panic in Turkey due to the appearance of a “DEMONIAC ​​FACE” in the sky during a storm

As global temperatures have increased in recent decades there has been a significant increase in the number of disasters related to climate and water extremes. In the 50 years between 1970 and 2019 there were more than 11,000 such disasters according to the World Meteorological Organization. However what many people don’t know is that extreme weather also causes an increase in paranormal activity. Experts in the field say there are more paranormal incidents during storms.

Lightning produces about 1 billion joules of energy which is enough to power a 60 watt light bulb for six months and paranormal researchers believe that all this energy being discharged into the atmosphere provides the spirit with the energy it needs to physically manifest. . There are numerous reports of ghost sightings linked to specific weather conditions. These ‘weather dependent occurrences’ only appear when the weather conditions are right, such as during fog, storm, wind or rain. What if the storm is really powerful? Could it attract demonic entities? Well maybe that’s what happened in Turkey.

scary face

An image formed during a severe storm in Istanbul, Turkey went viral on social media. On September 19, while huge lightning bolts lit up the sky over the Turkish city, lightning dangerously struck some areas of the city. Along with the heavy rain the storm also affected the city.
In some places trees fell, roofs of houses exploded due to the storm. But what no one expected to see is a human silhouette in one of the clouds. The Turkish Weather Forum (@HavaForum) posted a video on Twitter where the effects of the mighty storm could be clearly seen. But after a few seconds a frightening face appears threateningly at the townspeople.

“A rare massive radar violet weather phenomenon occurred in Maslak, Istanbul last night (September 19),” reads the description of the video posted by @HavaForum. “This Mass caused unforgettable moments in Maslak that had not been seen for many years. A cloud appeared in the human silhouette (Tesla, Bülent Ecevit), lightning struck. ”

How could it be different the video went viral all over the internet getting millions of views in a few days. Some users have compared the terrible cloud to Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American inventor known for discovering alternating current, while others have compared it to Lord Voldemort, the fictional character in the Harry Potter saga known for his sunken eyes and snake-like nose. Other similarities suggested by netizens were the Chucky doll or Edgar Allan Poe.

There were even those who claimed that it was further evidence of the infamous  “Blue beam Project”  which is based on holographic technology with the sole purpose of controlling the population. And the next step in this dark plan would be to spread images of Aliens and the return of Christ to Earth. However, the explanation offered by Havaforum is that the unusual face is a phenomenon called convective inhibition.

According to the specialized meteorology portal Caztormentas, convective inhibition (CIN) refers mainly to the presence of inverted strata in the environment. Such thermal inversion layers can be favored by the aridity of the environment, which generates descending currents, establishing what we colloquially call a “plug”. Normally this inversion is set below the free convection level (NCL) so that the CIN is the energy that an air parcel must overcome to initiate convection.

However, this isn’t the first time a  “Demon Face” has  appeared in a storm. Hurricane Matthew turned into a real nightmare in 2018. In Florida alone, 1.5 million people were evacuated but the hurricane left more than 800 dead in Haiti. In addition to becoming one of the most devastating hurricanes in recent years, Matthew has also become very famous on social media.

An image posted on Twitter by meteorologist Stu Ostro of the Weather Channel showed the eye of Hurricane Matthew as it passed the coast of Haiti. Beyond the hurricane a sinister “smiling” skull could be seen. In a tweet, Ostro explained that the image was real and without any photo editing.

Scary image shows hurricane that devastated Haiti 
Perhaps all these apparitions are simple pareidolia or completely natural phenomena but there is also the possibility that storms are portals to certain supernatural entities and the stronger the more evil they are.
What do you think of the scary face in the storm? Demon, Project Blue Beam, Natural Phenomenon or Pareidolia?

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