Mysterious UFO crashed and a strange alien being was buried in this cemetery

Others claim the UFO passed right in front of his house, then crashed into a nearby windmill before collapsing. UFO Aurora was the name given to this encounter.

This incident reminded me a lot about the Roswell incident. Residents of the property discovered extraterrestrial beings among the wreckage.

A UFO is said to have crashed into a windmill on JS According to SE Aurora (Dallas Morning News), the UFO is believed to have hit a windmill on the property of a JS Haydon, April 19, 1897. Proctor fell two days early, around 6 am. This caused the disaster.

The Fort Worth Army journalist said that the extraterrestrial thought to be operating the UFO was “similar to a Martian”. He was not able to survive the accident, and was later buried in Aurora Cemetery with Christian honors. The Texas Historical Commission also mentions this incident in their records.

UFO Files began an investigation into the Roswell incident in “Texas” on December 2, 2005. In 1973, Bill Case, an aviation journalist for the Dallas Times Herald, and state director of the Texas Mutual UFO Network led the investigation. (MUFON).

MUFON visited Aurora Cemetery to find an unusual stone. It was actually a tombstone that showed an alien spaceship. This stone marks the grave of an extraterrestrial creature, which is what most people believe to be its final resting place.

MUFON found the evidence to be inconclusive. However, he did not rule out that this remarkable encounter took place on the night of 1897.

Although the cemetery forbids exhumation, ground-penetrating radar was used on the grave. But the situation was very bad and it was not possible to see what was inside.


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