Man claims to travel back in time and warns of “crucial events” planned for this month

“Visitor from the future” says we should be prepared for alien invasion and emergence of talking animals

By: HISTORY Brazil

On his TikTok account, a user named Aery Yormany  claims that he is a time traveler and claims to have come from the year 2714.  According to his predictions, before the end of September, the world will witness three major “crucial events” .

talking chimpanzee

On his profile on the social network, Yormany publishes some videos with alleged information that he would bring from the future. One of the first events would take place in mid-September. According to him, on September 11,  an extraterrestrial will take 4,000 workers and children to the planet Proxima Centauri b . The “time traveler” also says that five days later a hurricane, the biggest in history, will hit the east coast of the United States, becoming the first of category 6.

Finally, Yormany also stated that on September 26  “a chimpanzee will be able to speak, thanks to a mutation in its vocal cords, revealing mysterious things” . It’s not the first time tiktoker has predicted unfortunate events for the human race. Luckily for us, none of them came to fruition.

A few months ago, Yormany said that NASA would find a “mirror Earth” in early August  , a planet similar to ours, but with reverse rotation and gravity. Until now, nothing. Another flawed prediction of his concerned an alien spacecraft that would land on Earth and start an interplanetary war on August 11th. Therefore, it seems that no one should worry about impending apocalyptic catastrophes.

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