Woman “from a Parallel Universe” woke up terrified in our Reality (Video)

An extremely strange post appeared on an online help forum in 2008. The message said that she was a woman from another universe who had awakened in ours.

Woman from another Universe woke up terrified in our reality Lerina García Gordo is a 41-year-old Spanish woman who posted on an online forum that she belonged to another reality. The woman from another universe assured her that this World was not like the one she had lived in before falling asleep.

Despite everything he commented having similarities with our world, he gradually realized that certain aspects were totally different from his reality.

The Woman From Another Universe

On the morning of July 16, 2008 Lerina woke up to find an entirely different set of rooms. Although it seemed extremely strange to her that even their sheets were different, she didn’t care. She got up, got ready and went to work. An office she has worked in for the past 20 years.

The path was exactly the same so she didn’t notice anything strange. Upon entering the building the first thing she noticed were completely unknown people. It seemed strange to her but she continued on her way to her office.

Here she realized that the name on the door was not hers. Before panicking, she thought maybe she was in the wrong place. But those doubts were quickly dispelled with a simple look. I was in the right place. For a moment she believed she’d been fired then she quickly grabbed her laptop and checked the company’s payroll.
She was still on the list…but working in a totally different department. By now anxiety was taking over her.

She quickly began checking her personal details, bank accounts and insurance. Everything was in order.
Disoriented, she called the main office and said she would take the day off due to illness. Something that wasn’t entirely a lie. Lerina at that time thought she had gone mad.
Totally different

She is probably a woman from another universe
. Despite feeling fine physically, she decided to go to the company’s medical office to check her mental state. They didn’t find any drugs in her system and apparently everything was in order.

Not knowing what to think, he returned home, checking all the personal documentation in his house. Everything showed the correct information, gas bills, electricity, internet. All.
She turned on the television and started watching the news. She did the same on her laptop. They were exactly the same ones she remembered from the night before. He also didn’t “skip days”. Everything was exactly the same except for small details of her life.

Lerina wanted to drain everything she was feeling at the time so she called her boyfriend’s number. To her surprise someone else responded assuring her that she was wrong.
Confusingly checking his email, some messages gave him to understand that he had never left the 7-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Which she had broken up with half a year ago.

What was happening to her? How is it possible that there are aspects of her life so identical and others so different?

As the months passed she discovered other different things in her life and even her own family began to believe that she had gone mad.
On the forum where he made her original story post a lot of things were quickly theorized. But what surprised me the most was the possibility of being a woman from a parallel world.

Is it possible that you woke up in a different reality than yours? To date, Lerina García Gordo remains “stranded” in this different world, adapting to her new life. In fact she has a website to help others who have had similar experiences. Is it really about a woman from a parallel universe? With the negative clinical results, everything seems to indicate that we are in fact facing a journey to another reality.

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