Mystery: Beneath the Pacific Ocean, a massive ancient stone road reappears

A huge stone road emerged from beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean a few days ago after an exceptionally strong tide, reports

The stone road appears to have been built with massive cobblestones. Is it a man-made phenomenon? If that’s the case, who could have moved such massive chunks of granite…

What is the purpose of this? Or is it simply Mother Nature? Geologists are the only ones who can answer these questions.

The strange incident lasted long enough for the inhabitants of Sakhalin Island in Russia’s far east to immortalize the strange building.

Sakhalin Island, as you may know, is the largest island in the Russian Federation, located in the North Pacific Ocean and bordering the Japanese islands to the south.

Other unusual underwater structures can be seen in Google Earth a little further north along the same coast.

Is it a man-made phenomenon? Is it just another piece of Mother Nature’s art? Geologists are the only ones who can answer these questions.

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