Alien autopsy photo is auctioned for a million dollars?

According to ufologists and many people around the world, aliens exist and thousands and thousands of people approve of their existence. Since sightings of unidentified objects are quite a lot and so are witnesses. In that case, let’s talk about a very interesting one. Since it is not just a sighting but it is an autopsy performed on an alien.

Specifically, the case we will be dealing with is one of the most important in history, known as the Roswell, New Mexico incident. This event took place in 1947, when an alleged UFO crashed on a farm.

Photo of the alien autopsy auctioned for a million dollars. Roswell real case file

Roswell Incident Alien Autopsy

Supposedly, in that flying saucer that crashed on  Mac Brazel’s farm  . Several extraterrestrials were traveling and the authorities managed to capture one of them who was injured. The same person who performed an autopsy whose results were kept confidential by the CIA. So that the case would not be discussed and forgotten. However, the reverse happened, as in the 60s and 70s theories about this incident increased enormously. Even many theorists have shown alleged evidence about the Roswell incident.

The Roswell Alien Autopsy

And in 1995, the alleged extraterrestrial autopsy video surfaced that would later set off an explosion of speculation. Both from ufologists, from the opinions of the scientific community, and from critics who support beliefs about extraterrestrial life.

Original tape recording of the 1947 incident

The film lasts 17 minutes, is in black and white, the alien is about five feet tall and is lying on a table. The video was reportedly filmed in July 1947, shortly after the Roswell incident. Apparently, the alien that was autopsied was recovered from the wreckage of the famous UFO that crashed in the New Mexico desert.

Ray Santilli, author of the 48-minute short film based on the real video of the Roswell case

And according to theorists Ray Santilli, a video entrepreneur who lives in Landres. I recreate the video in which I present a 48-minute film in which the supposed autopsy of the real Roswell alien was staged. We don’t know if this video was created to mislead the supposed real evidence. As this short was sold to international television channels, a video that was later broadcast in over 32 countries. Reaching the highest levels of audience. And to everyone’s surprise, Santilli himself declared that said video was genuine.

Actual photos and video of alleged alien autopsy from Roswell case auctioned for one million dollars

In 2019, a National Science Institute memo was leaked from this Discovery, in which a former CIA scientist named Kit Green allegedly evaluated the autopsy evidence of the alien in the Roswell incident. And he said the pictures were real.

Photo of the alien autopsy auctioned for a million dollars. Roswell Incident

So, now in mid-2021, an alleged real photo of the Roswell incident has surfaced again, auctioned for a million dollars.

The owner of this frame is Ray Santilli himself. The one who shot the short film in 1995. This is a British music mogul who assures  The Sun  that he bought the entire film from a retired military man in 1995, lasting 17 minutes. Precisely where he was based for his recreation. According to his testimony, the photo is authenticated by the CIA itself: so, according to that information now, for the first time. We have a piece of that history and it’s available for purchase. But, of course, it’s not free for a million dollars. What do you think of yours in this case; is it real or fake

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