British Beach Closed Due to Presence of Huge, Mysterious Creature in Water

The oceans cover 70% of our planet’s surface and are still the least explored. Hidden beneath the waters are creatures beyond our imagination. However, while marine experts reveal the wonders of many of these species, humans still have much to discover. In fact, we don’t even know how many species there are in the oceans.

Most estimates were made even before we had a record of how many were scientifically catalogued. Every year, many new marine species are discovered; however figuring out how many species there are altogether (and therefore how many more we need to describe) is a much more difficult process. But now at least we have the essential basis for knowing how many marine species have been classified, thanks to a decade-long collaborative effort with hundreds of scientists. Now is it possible for some of these unknown creatures to unexpectedly appear on a beach? Well maybe that’s what happened in the UK.

Huge Sea Creature

Lifeguards on a beach in England ordered beachgoers to return to shore after a huge unidentified sea creature capsized a fisherman’s boat. According to local media the strange incident took place on the afternoon of Wednesday 4 August in the Boscombe neighborhood, which is on the coast of the English Channel. What started out as a good day at the beach turned into a nightmare when several people reported seeing a huge creature in the water.

“There was some splashing in the water,” recalled one of the bathers who witnessed the unsettling moment unfold. “And first responders said they had not seen anything like it in their 35 years of experience.”

Subsequently, a sea rescue team scoured the entire area in search of the mysterious creature but could not find anything that could explain the strange sighting. However, a fisherman who was in the water at the time said he had an encounter with the proverbial sea monster.

“I was pulling a lure towards the shore and something grabbed it,” Darron Tapper told the local Daily Echo newspaper. “My kayak almost dropped me.”

Turning to see what he had just picked up, the man said that all he saw was  “a great shadow”  that disappeared into the depths. Reflecting on what he might have seen Tapper noticed it was something huge and thought it might be a shark. Although the experienced fisherman had never seen such a creature in those waters before he came to this conclusion because he didn’t know what else it could be. What is clear is that the fisherman was lucky not to fall into the water when the creature hit his kayak.

“If you had seen my rod and reel being taken away I wouldn’t have had a chance if the kayak had flipped over,” Tapper recalls. “God knows what would have happened, I looked like a seal in my wetsuit. It’s quite possible that it was a shark, I’m speculating I don’t know what else would have that strength. In 13 years I’ve never experienced this and it’s a little exciting to think I’ve escaped the creature’s clutches.”

Fortunately, the fisherman remained in his kayak with a story to tell and not in the water where the mysterious creature might have mistaken him for easy prey.

A Great Shark or Something Else?

Bournemouth authorities have decided to temporarily close the beach as a precautionary measure while an investigation is ongoing. While there has been no official confirmation from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) what the sea creature was, experts in the field believe it could be a large shark. But shark sightings are rare in the UK but scientists have warned that they could become more common as a result of climate change.

None of Britain’s native shark species are considered dangerous to beachgoers or fishermen. At least 21 varieties of shark species are believed to live off Britain’s coasts throughout the year. They include the cat shark and porbeagle, as well as 11 deep-sea species. But a recent study by California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports warned that rising temperatures are already driving the Pacific’s great white sharks north in search of cooler waters.

It may be true that it is a large shark, but it is also possible that it is a completely unknown sea creature. And this is not the first this year that a similar incident has occurred on our beaches. In a video posted to Instagram on March 18, surfer Ryland Rubens was shown surfing the waves in San Diego, Southern California, as part of the Regional Wave Of The Winter competition. But apart from seeing his skill on a surfboard, the video went viral for a very different reason: a mysterious creature was chasing the surfer.

In the images you can see that the mysterious creature has a really strange appearance, mainly due to its almost spider-like shape, with four long legs. Even seconds later you can see a second creature or maybe a continuation of the first one, so it would be really huge. If scientists are right about climate change, not only are we facing the migration of marine species across the global oceans, but never-before-seen creatures from the depths could also be emerging.

What do you think of the incident that happened on the beach in the UK? A great shark or could it be a huge creature from the deep? Source 

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