Incredible record of three unknown spacecraft filmed on the surface of the Moon

We published an article about a fleet of UFOs that were spotted on the moon. After finding the original footage with a good resolution, we were able to analyze the video. Result?

These are three huge (unknown) alien spacecraft that are cigar-shaped and pass over Endymion Crater, which is located near the Huboldtianum Sea. The three spaceships, as they pass, leave three equally gigantic shadows on the surface. Analyzing the shadow of one of the alien spacecraft launched into Endymion Crater, (which has a width of more than 65 km), the result is that the three spacecraft can have a minimum length of 7-8 km.

The three spacecraft headed towards Exodus Crater, which lies close between Mare Serenitatis and Mare Frigoris, an area where UFOs are frequently sighted. If you carefully review the footage from the original video, it appears that the three spacecraft came from space, heading to a moon base not visible at the time of recording. Some UFO experts do not rule out the hypothesis that the three spacecraft may be of terrestrial origin, perhaps belonging to the Space Force. But that seems impossible.

The spacecraft fleet of the terrestrial Solar Warden, are ships at least 400-500 meters long, instead of those seen on the Moon they are huge, with a length of about 7-8 km. I don’t believe the United States or Russia with China could build such huge spacecraft. Anything can be… I just remind all readers of the extraterrestrial spacecraft photographed on the Moon by the APOLLO 20 mission. The spacecraft was 3600 meters long, or almost 4 km (pictured below). Looking closely, it looks identical to one of three ships filmed on March 26, 2020.

Alien spaceships on the moon

According to a statement from former NASA and NSA employee Dr. Eric Norton, beings from other worlds are here on Earth, on the Moon and in our solar system and they have huge spaceships.

The Doctor. Eric Norton, who has worked for more than 10 years as an outside consultant for NASA and the National Security Agency, watching the skies for any space threats such as asteroids or comets, claims he saw a huge fleet of extraterrestrial spacecraft in 2012. behind the moon. On January 22, 2012, at the MacDonald Observatory located near Fort Davis, using the facility’s wide-range systems, Dr. Norton detected a group of unidentified spacecraft.

“What I saw was a series of massive black three-dimensional structures in space, in a straight line formation, advancing towards planet Earth.” Dr. Norton monitored his path and pointed out that his technology was incredibly advanced. , incomparable to ours. The objects “moved millions and millions of kilometers closer to Earth in a few months.”

The story looks like something out of a Hollywood movie, but it gets even more interesting. According with the doctor. Norton, spectroscopy data suggest that the mysterious spacecraft were built with materials a thousand times harder than anything humanity has been able to develop on Earth. Infrared spectrum images showed that cosmic particles were deflected by what appeared to be some sort of energy field surrounding the alien spacecraft.


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