In Argentina A Woman Captured With Her Camera A Strange Tube Of Light

Everything changed the moment this strange tube of light appeared in the skies over Feliciano, Argentina. The images below look like they were made in Photoshop, but they aren’t. The strange anomalies are beautifully portrayed.  The researchers believe that these images are real, without manipulation. Physicists have tried to explain it rationally, but no one understands exactly what it is yet.

The woman was taking a morning run in Parque San Jose when she saw a huge storm approaching and wanted to photograph it. She was trying to take a picture but was afraid of being caught in the storm so she took a short picture. When she looked at her picture the tube of light began to glow and she saw him.

She speculated in her blog post that this could be a tunnel leading to heaven. Contrary to the alternative universe hypothesis, another theory claims that there may be a truth beyond our own.

This can be referred to as a door or a portal but it only exists for a brief period before dissipating.

Many witnesses who appeared to be interested in one of these “transport to another planet” incidents said that the teleportation was so fast that they could not see it, which supports the theory.

Source: news-intact

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