“Dozens of extraterrestrial species are here,” says Dr. Steven Greer

Farmer meets alien.

The Doctor. Steven Greer stated that, as far as he knows, there are dozens of benevolent extraterrestrial species that are eager to get in touch with us.

“These beings are very eager to find enlightened humans, who approach them peacefully, because what our classified, classified military projects have been doing is trying to track down these objects and bring them down.” – Dr. Steve Greer

In the opinion of Dr. Greer, the UFO phenomenon intensified after the development of nuclear weapons, when we became a threat to our own existence, to the planet we inhabit, and possibly also to other intelligent species in the Universe.

“I think they [the aliens] have been around here for many thousands of years; Certainly, I doubt it’s a recent phenomenon.

“I think if you look at this and talk to British intelligence people and US military personnel, the real upsurge of these events happened around the time we started detonating nuclear weapons and at the same time we started exploding in space.

“You have to understand that any civilization that has reached a point of peaceful coexistence, that sees us evolving from the time of World War II to this post-World War II period, where we started to go into space, but at the same time we started to develop hydrogen bombs and nuclear weapons.

“I think that would put a big red flag on this planet and my understanding is that they are very concerned about what we are doing to this planet and also that we don’t get loose in the Universe where we can be a threat to other planets that exist peacefully and not even have the concept of warfare and weapons systems. ”

In addition, Dr. Greer does not believe in alien abductions and mutilations, stating that, in his opinion, they are all staged by the government as a scare tactic, lest we oppose the idea of ​​weaponry from space.

“The big mythology in the new age world is that there are good guys and bad guys and in reality most of that is disinformation created by the intelligence community to scare people because eventually they would like us to put all these weapons in space. and spend trillions of dollars on Star Wars [technology]. And that’s exactly what we did.

“I have people who worked on these [programs] in the 1960s, where we already had space-based weapons systems that targeted these extraterrestrial vehicles. This has been going on for 40 years.”

The Doctor. Greer also stated that, as far as he knows, none of the dozens of ET species that visit us are hostile.

In his own words, “Some of them [the ETs] are quite concerned about our hostility and have done things to try and contain us… like a quarantine.”

Farmer meets alien.

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