The Manna Machine: the mysterious alien machine that produced food for the people of the desert

The manna machine was a very dangerous device, some theorists suspect that the reactor that powered the machine was being transported in the Ark of the Covenant.

In the Jewish Bible, the book of Exodus describes how the Jewish people suffered during slavery in Egypt. Then, around the 14th century BC, the pharaoh fearing an increase in population ordered the death of all firstborn Jews born in Egypt. To save her son, a mother put the baby in a basket and left him sailing the River Nile.

This boy was found by Pharaoh’s family, who called him Moses and raised him as their own. As an adult, Moses discovered his true identity and asked Pharaoh to free the Jews. When Pharaoh refused, Moses helped the Jews flee.

Historians believe that Moses and his people crossed the Red Sea and headed for the Sinai desert. According to ancient texts, God was furious with the Jews for worshiping idols and made them wander aimlessly in the wilderness for 40 years before they arrived in Israel.

Inevitably, as there were a lot of people and little vegetation, as it was a desert, they were left with few provisions. At this point, God intervened and sent manna from heaven.

Tissot, the gathering of manna © Wikipedia

The Bible says that at that time the Jews lived on a single source of food, manna. But what is manna?

The Jewish Bible does not describe manna in detail, but another ancient Jewish text provides more clues. The Zohar describes that something called “the ancestor of days” provided the manna. But what were those “old days”?

Giorgio Tsoukalos (former aliens):

“The text speaks of brains of different sizes, faces of different sizes, which connect with different tubes. And there were different sources of light. When I deal with it from a modern perspective, what is described in the Zohar is not necessarily a divine figure, but rather a type of machine. ”  

A model of Manna Machine. © Wikipedia

Intrigued by this information, two electrical engineers used descriptions of “the olden days” to design what they call a crew machine. Rodiney Dale (Co-author, The Manna Machine): This is a key diagram of the manna machine that we constructed from the texts.

For example, the number (1) is the “mouth”, but it is actually the entrance of air, which leads to what is called the “breath of life” (2). The air passes through this tube which is described as the “old man’s brain”, but which is actually a condenser (3).

Ink and screentone on paper © Martin Riches 1976

Following these descriptions, we were able to analyze the relative positions and build the specified machine. In the end, we saw that it was biochemically viable.

The machine captured the humid morning air and condensed it into the dome-like part of the machine. Then it was mixed with seaweed. The seaweed was treated with energy to accelerate growth. The energy was produced in a small nuclear reactor that would produce the necessary heat and light.

The manna machine was a very dangerous device, some theorists suspect that the reactor that powered the machine was being transported in the Ark of the Covenant.

The Ark of the Covenant © Flickr

Giorgio Tsoukalos (former aliens):

“There are several accounts in the Bible that state that a person who approached the Ark of the Covenant and did not know how to operate it would be immediately killed. And sometimes, after finding the ark, people started to lose their nails and hair. This is evidence of radiation poisoning that was directly related to the Ark of the Covenant. Therefore, the Ark of the Covenant housed the extraterrestrial equipment that was given to the Jews during the 40 years they wandered in the desert. ”

The manna machine was believed to provide a very nutritious form of green algae as a food source. This is another theory generated by modern science. Chlorella green kelp is grown in ponds today. It feeds people who live indoors like astronauts and keeps them alive. The analyzes also showed that human life can be maintained for long periods with just the consumption of chlorella algae.

If the Jews’ survival depended on the manna machine, where did they get it? Some think they stole it from the Egyptians (but that doesn’t explain its origin), others suspect extraterrestrials gave it to them as a charitable gesture to avoid starvation in the desert.

Some theorists believe it would be unlikely to have been built on Earth. But many believe in an extraterrestrial origin, created by an advanced civilization in space.

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