Strange UFOs Seen in NASA’s Mars Photos

However, another image has appeared on the NASA website, which shows a UFO traveling at extremely fast speeds across the sky. You might think this photo was taken on Earth, as most UFO encounters are recorded here, but no, this photo was taken by the Curiosity Rover on Mars. We only have one photo of this UFO, which seems to mean that the UFO was so fast that it could only be located for a millisecond before disappearing into nothingness.

Curiosity snapped this photo of what many believe to be some sort of black dot. Despite the black dot appearing in two different photos, many believe it is not the same, but one of many that passed through the rover’s camera lens because it was located in two different locations at the same time. Because of the distance the photo appears to have been taken, we can’t say for sure how big the UFO really is.

But this is not the only UFO sighted on Mars, as it appears in the photo below, several white orbs were also discovered by the rover in eight different photos.

This discovery would imply that these UFOs are appearing all over the world, not just around our tiny planet.

Article by True Blog.

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