Former CIA Scientist Believed Roswell Alien Autopsy Film Was Real, Leaked Memo Reveals


The Roswell UFO/Alien incident has been one of the most discussed mysteries of the century. In addition to the UFO crash story, the alleged alien autopsy makes this puzzle more complex. Regardless of many people calling the video a hoax, former CIA scientist Kit Green thought it was real, as alleged in a leaked memo allegedly found in the archives of the late astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Also, there may be some connection between Green’s alien autopsy report and Professor Standford’s study of the brains of those people who are said to have encountered UAP and been injured.

In December 2021,  Motherboard  held a Q&A with Dr. Garry Nolan discussing his research on anomalous materials from UFO crashes and people who came into contact with the objects. In the interview, Dr. Nolan mentioned the  Sun article  on the bizarre leak memo (dated March 2001) which claims that CIA scientist Kit Green thought the Roswell alien autopsy video was real. It is the most apprehensive article on the subject that links Dr. Kit Green, the autopsy memo and video in one.

The Doctor. Green served for 20 years at the Central Intelligence Agency and then as Chief Technology Officer for Asia Pacific at General Motors Corporation and Assistant Dean at Wayne State School of Medicine for Asia Pacific. He has lived and served in government and academic positions in Asia, and as a professor in Brain Imaging and as a member of the Chinese and US Academies of Science, the latter as a Life Member/NRC.
Roswell Alien Autopsy

Christopher “Kit” Green MD, PhD Fellow, American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Image via YouTube

The bizarre  17-minute black and white footage  of the so-called Roswell alien was released by British businessman Ray Santilli, who claimed to have acquired it in 1992 while looking for archival footage of Elvis Presley in the US. Although the footage is fake, as filmmaker Spyros Melaris claims, a leaked memo allegedly handed to aerospace tycoon Robert Bigelow by one of his physicists, Eric Davis, gave the plot a new turn.

According to the report, Kit Green, a former CIA scientist, “reported three different times during and after his tenure at the CIA on topics relevant to UFOs and the Roswell Incident Alien Autopsy.” The memo, believed to have come from the archives of the late astronaut Edgar Mitchell, reads as follows: (  Source  )

“After Kit left the CIA, he was called to the Pentagon by a person in uniform. This person showed Kit the alien autopsy photos and reports etc. The photos of the alien corpse Kit saw were consistent with the corpse seen in Santilli’s 1995 film/video. Kit was asked to professionally evaluate the material provided to him in this specific briefing.”

According to the leaked memo, Green offered his expert assessment of the video in January 2001. He concluded, “The Alien Autopsy movie/video is real, the alien corpse is real, and the corpse seen in the movie/video is the same as the photos Kit saw at the 1987/88 Pentagon briefing.”

In the memo, Green also describes how forensic organs and tissues were held at the Walter Reed-Armed Forces Institute for Pathology Medical Museum in Washington, D.C., in an email. When asked why Santilli’s film received so much criticism when it originally appeared on television, Green replied, “The PR people at Santilli aren’t really operating with a full set of dishes, it’s a little dense and it’s not very pleasant.”

Several notable UFO experts, including Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, and Grant Cameron, have officially endorsed the film. Philip Mantle, a British UFO investigator who has studied the footage for 14 years, called it “the world’s biggest hoax”, but he believes the memo, which was sent to him before it went online, is genuine.

The Doctor. Kit Green is well known in the field of ufology for his work as a senior analyst in the CIA’s neuroscience division and his interest in UFOs. Green claims that he had previously witnessed an actual extraterrestrial autopsy that was identical to the one depicted in Ray Santilli’s 1995 video and that he saw it some time before the Santilli version was made.

Could alien autopsy video be real?

Professor Nolan explained that most of the victims were defense or government officials or people working in the aerospace industry. After their UFO encounters, they all got damaged or injured, like buzzing in their heads, got sick, etc. Most of them had similar types of bad stuff. He showed the MRIs of some people that revealed damage to the middle of the basal ganglia – an area responsible for motor control and other essential brain functions, including intuition.

The areas that Dr. Green mentioned were missing from the brain, or different from human anatomy: Corpus Callosum, Fissure Sylvester, Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobe, Vernix, Cerebellum, Medulla Oblongata, and Wrinkle.

Professor Nolan stated that Dr. Green was “in charge of studying… patients, some of whom heard strange noises buzzing in their heads, became ill, etc. to things that made them sick… We began to realize that there were similarities in what we thought was harm in various individuals. When we look closer, though, we realize, well, it can’t be damaged, because it’s right in the middle of the basal ganglia [a group of nuclei responsible for   motor control and other central brain functions.]. If these structures were severely damaged, these people would be dead. That’s when we realized that these people were not damaged, but had a superconnection of neurons between the caudate head and the putamen [The caudate nucleus plays a critical role in several higher neurological functions; the putamen influences motor planning, learning and execution]. If you look at 100 average people, you won’t see that kind of density. But these individuals did. An open question is: contacting whatever caused it or not?

It is curious that Dr. Nolan mentioned Kit Green and that he has also studied MRI areas of the brains of injured/inborn people. Could there be a correlation between the lack of areas in the alien brain and the hyper-availability of the caudate and putamen of people “in contact”?

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