Video: Man says he filmed Bigfoot carrying a baby in a river

Witness was kayaking in the US when he saw what he said was a copy of the legendary animal.

Is there still room for bigfoot in the conspirators’ imaginations? At a time when the Pentagon is openly investigating UFOs? A guy named simply Eddie V. thinks so and shared what he said was an “amazing footage” of a “bigfoot mom carrying a baby” across a river.

Well, it’s not that amazing. The video of the mothering scene was shared by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization on Facebook, which garnered over 150,000 views, and analyzed it in slow motion. Just like the time traveler phenomenon, no one really cares if the images are real.

Along with the footage, Eddie gave some explanations of the act — including the fact that it was a cousin of his who made the recording.

Eddie’s cousin was kayaking down the Cass River (Michigan, USA) when he saw something unnatural crossing the water in front of him. Like all of us, in the society of the spectacle, the cousin started filming everything.

It is possible to see a large animalistic figure walking peacefully along the watercourse, with what appears to be a smaller creature in its arms.

Discussions after the release of the video were not few. Some said he was a fisherman wearing a fishing suit. Others said the animal was carrying a deer and not a baby.

In the absence of answers, some gambled on uncertainty: “What else could be besides a bigfoot?”

As it is impossible to be sure in such a situation, reflect on the matter at home, the issue still seems important in some niches of the World Wide Web.

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